This update is packed with some really nifty new features, more performance improvements (can never have enough of those), and bugs reported in the massive 1.7.1 release from last week.

Release video:

Copy & paste all elements with one click

You can now copy & paste all elements on a page with one click using the “Copy” & “Paste” icons at the top of the structure panel.

It works (as the single element copy & paste) between tabs & different Bricks installations.

This feature is only available for users with full builder access. It also requires a secure HTTPS connection, as Bricks uses the official Clipboard API.

The Form element now lets you create a custom “Confirmation email” that is sent to the email address submitted via your form. To let your users know that you received their submitted form. Please make sure to set up SMTP properly on your site as well to ensure your outgoing emails are delivered properly.

More information:

Video element: True lazy load

You can set a “Preview image” for your YouTube & Vimeo videos which are shown instead of the iframe. If enabled, Bricks uses the preview image the YouTube & Vimeo APIs provide by default, so you don’t need to create those yourself. But you can still provide your own preview image if you want.

The iframe is only loaded once the visitor actually clicks on the preview image.

If you are using YT/Vimeo videos on your site, this feature should minimize your page load times significantly.

Ensure to also set a “play” button by selecting a suitable “Icon”. Ideally, an SVG for the best performance.

Use the new “Lightbox ID” to group individual lightbox images together in one single lightbox. Works inside query loops, too. We’ve also updated Photoswipe, the library that powers all our lightboxes, to version 5.3.7, which helped us remove a lot of previously required HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.

Body classes (via page settings)

While already possible via PHP using the body_class filter, you can now add additional CSS classes to the <body> of any page directly inside the builder while editing it by setting the “CSS classes (body)” from the Page Settings.

Full changelog

  • Form: Send Confirmation EmailNew
  • Taxonomy element: New “Disable links” setting & DD :plain filterNew
  • Structure panel: Copy & paste all elements (to & from the clipboard)New
  • Add body classes to page (via page settings)New
  • New dynamic data tag: term_slugNew
  • Shortcode element: New “Disable render in builder” settingNew
  • Taxonomy element: Add “Size” settingNew
  • Updated lightbox: Photoswipe to 5.3.7 & new “Lightbox ID” setting to group images under one lightboxNew
  • Video element: New “Preview image” setting to properly lazy load YouTube & Vimeo videos (iframe is only loaded on thumbnail click)New
  • Video element: Support unlisted Vimeo through the new “Privacy hash” settingNew
  • Heading element: New “Custom tag” setting (plus dynamic data support)New
  • New dynamic data tag: term_countNew
  • Query Loop: New action hooks: bricks/query/before_loop & bricks/query/after_loopNew
  • ACF: Choice fields (radio, select, checkbox, button group) support :value filterNew
  • Query Loop: Set “Random Seed TTL” to “0” to deactivate itImprove
  • Compatibility: WooCommerce Gift Cards (plugin)Improve
  • Inline custom font @font-face declarations (no more FOUT)Improve
  • Custom fonts: Optimize frontend queriesImprove
  • Element ID styles skipped using external files & global elementsFix
  • get_the_ID inside builder is not able to get populate content IDFix
  • Disable WP REST API render: Nestable elements not showing on canvasFix
  • Interactions: Load more doesn’t work on search results and custom post type archiveFix
  • Canvas: Elements “jump” because of highlight element label overflowFix
  • Link in SVG: Uncaught Type errorFix
  • Use background-image via dynamic data per breakpoint (external files)Fix
  • Loading Time: Logo with missing SVGFix
  • Remove .brx-grid class (to add “align-items: initial” on grid without class)Fix
  • Custom Font on class ยป missing @font-face rulesFix
  • Author Archive: Author DD tags show random valuesFix
  • Pricing table: Price set to “0” does not showFix
  • Conditions: User role “is not” not working if the user has multiple rolesFix
  • WooCommerce: Mini Cart Close icon color selector overwritten by Mini cart icon colorFix
  • WooCommerce Cart: “.woocommerce-notice-wrapper” still added when is added via Bricks in cart templateFix
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