Fully Customizable

Build your entire WooCommerce store with Bricks

Visually build your entire WooCommerce store with dozens of WooCommerce-specific elements and templates. Design your shop, product archives, single products, cart, checkout, and even your customer account with Bricks.

The products filter element with options to filter by room or color next to some product cards.
Product Archives

Revolutionize your product showcase

Showcase your products with customizable product archives. Complete with clear summaries and precise filters. Guiding interested buyers to their desired purchase.

WooCommerce Query Loops

Custom WooCommerce queries

Utilize the Bricks Query Loop to query your products on archive pages, the cart, for related products, and more.

A single product template that shows a large product image on the left-hand side and product details on the right-hand side. Below this are the product tabs, which contain the full description, additional information and reviews.
Single Product Pages

Give every product the spotlight it deserves

Enhance each product's appeal with dedicated single product pages. Providing all the essential information and more for a seamless purchase flow and flawless shopping experience.

WooCommerce Templates

Keep your store layouts organized

Create and customize global Templates for Single products, Product archives, Cart, Empty cart, Checkout, Pay, Thank you, Order receipt and the Customer Account.

Custom cart layout with a large product image on the left and product details on the right. Below there are input fields for coupons and an update cart button.
WooCommerce Cart

Make it yours with a customizable cart

Your online store is unique. Your WooCommerce cart should be too. Flexibility is at your fingertips with plenty of options to customize your cart's functionality and appearance.

From subtle tweaks to custom cart content loops, you have the power to create a cart that best suits your business.

A simple checkout form with three input fields and a large "place your order" button.
WooCommerce Checkout

Optimize your checkout for conversion

Your WooCommerce checkout can be as unique as your online store. Enjoy the freedom to customize each element of the checkout process to match your business needs.

Screenshot of a custom WooCommerce Account Dashboard showing the latest orders.
WooCommerce Account

Tailor your WooCommerce account experience

Personalize every aspect of your WooCommerce account area, shaping the login, register, lost password pages, and My Account section with unique customizations and design touches.

Individual WooCommerce Elements

30+ WooCommerce-specific elements

With more than 30 WooCommerce-specific elements, you have almost endless possibilities to build and style your WooCommerce store to your liking.

Product Elements

Add to cart
Product Additional Information
Product Content
Product Gallery
Product Meta
Product Price
Product Rating
Product Short Description
Product Stock
Product Tabs
Product Title
Product Up/Cross-sells
Related Products

Product Archive Elements

Products Pagination
Products Orderby
Products Total Results
Products Filter
Products Archive Description

Cart Elements

Cart Coupon
Cart Items
Cart Totals

Checkout Elements

Checkout Customer Details
Checkout Order Payment
Checkout Order Review
Checkout thank you

Other Elements