Engage your users

Boost engagement. Generate leads. Drive conversions.

Capture valuable user information, or offer exclusive promotions. Highly targeted and fully customizable popups help you achieve your business goals.

Add popups to your website, and watch as your audience engages, subscribes, and takes your desired action. Get ready to see your business soar!

A competition pop-up in front of a darkened background

Popup conditions

Set conditions to show your popups on specific areas of your site. Be it the front page, a specific post type or individual pages.

  • Entire website
  • Home page
  • Custom post types
  • Archives
  • Search results
  • Error page
  • Individual page

Popup interactions

Define the perfect moment for your popup to appear through specific triggers and browser events.

  • Click, hover, focus, blur
  • Mouse enter and leave
  • Viewport enter & leave
  • Scroll
  • Content loaded
  • Mouse leave window
  • Show and hide popup
// Listen to popup open event
document.addEventListener( 'bricks/popup/open', (event) => {
	// Get popup ID
	const popupId = event.detail.popupId

	// Get popup element
	const popupElement = event.detail.popupElement
	// Perform your own popup logic
	if (popupId == 3321) {
		console.log('Popup ID 3321 opened!')
Advanced Custom Coding

Popup events & helper functions

Programmatically open and close popups created in Bricks through advanced events and helper functions.

Learn more in the Bricks Academy

To be able to use all these functions without needing additional tools to make it work inside Bricks Builder is worth its weight in gold.

What I loved about Bricks Builder (...): you can be very very creative with the design and the output.

It gave me everything I needed as a web designer/developer.

Claudius A. Founder
Claudius A.Founder, adun.studio

Bricks is pushing me to a whole new level. I finally have the freedom to build websites I have long sought and not found. Now, websites are beautiful and fast at the same time.

Sebastian GerlaTeacher

My agency started using Bricks about 1 year ago in an attempt to find a better way of building sites that allowed us to build truly custom layouts, not just drag-n-drop mashups! When we discovered Bricks Builder it was a breath of fresh air that gave our entire agency a new excitement for design and development!

Chris GillPresident & CEO

I've tried them all and hands down I found Bricks to be the best website builder for professional WordPress designers and developers.

TomeSilverStrike Consulting Inc.