• Starter
    1 Website
    • Updates, all features and support during the term of your subscription.
  • Business
    3 Websites
    • Updates, all features and support during the term of your subscription.
  • Agency
    Unlimited Websites
    • Updates, all features and support during the term of your subscription.
  • Ultimate Lifetime
    Unlimited Websites
    • All future updates, features and technical support.

Your local & staging sites don’t count against your license limit (learn more).

Applicable taxes are added at checkout before payment completion based on your selected location.

60-Day Money-Back Guarantee

All plans include

  • Full set of all available features
  • Regular updates
  • Technical support (email, forum)
  • Access to community templates
  • All 110+ elements
  • Query Loop Builder
  • Menu Builder
  • Popup Builder
  • WooCommerce Builder
  • Conditions & Interactions

Frequently asked questions

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  • Can I try Bricks before I buy?

    There is no downloadable version. But you try the latest version of Bricks online for free by creating an account at try.bricksbuilder.io.

  • Is it allowed to build client websites with my Bricks license?

    Absolutely! You can use your Bricks license on your own and your client’s websites. A client being someone you build a website for with Bricks. Reselling of the license itself is strictly against our terms.

    From your Bricks account you can also restrict the license activation to specific sites using the “Whitelist URLs” and “Blacklist URLs” feature under the “Sites” tab.

  • How do subscriptions differ from lifetime plans?

    Subscriptions renew yearly until canceled. Whereas a lifetime plan requires only a one-off payment.

    The lifetime license is truly lifetime. Meaning you will receive all future updates and support, and not just for Bricks 1.x.

    No matter which plan you choose, every plan includes the full feature set.

  • What happens if I cancel my subscription?

    Once canceled, your license remains active until the end of your current billing period. After that the license status changes to “canceled” and you will no longer have access to updates, support, or our community templates.

    But you can still edit your Bricks sites as before. As you won’t be able to receive updates, please be aware that running outdated versions of any software brings an inherit security risk with it.

  • How can I switch between plans (upgrade/downgrade)?

    You can upgrade or downgrade your subscription at any time in your Bricks account by clicking the “Edit subscription” button under the “Licenses” tab.

    All plan changes are prorated. This means you are either charged a certain amount (when you upgrade) or will receive a credit (when you downgrade) for the remainder of your current billing period.

    Switching between a subscription and lifetime plan is not possible!

  • Can I use my license on local and staging installations?

    Yes, local and staging site installations don’t count against your license limit (learn more). So you can use for Starter license on your live site and your local/staging site at the same time.

    When you deactivate a license key on a site, or remove the site from your account “Sites” tab, this frees up the activation limit too.

  • Do I have to be a developer to use Bricks?

    Definitely not. While Bricks offers you professional-grade features such as class-based styling, custom CSS, JavaScript, PHP and HTML. Those features are not required to build your website.

    But we invite you to explore those feature at some point in order to build more scalable and maintainable websites.

What others are saying about Bricks

I went from working with Divi Theme to Bricks and the change in the more invisible parts (and often more important parts) of the website is dramatic. Semantic HTML is greatly improved, and that helps tremendously with accessibility and SEO. Not to mention, creating layouts is vastly superior on Bricks than on Divi. I find myself swearing a lot less during development.

Dawson Woods Manager at Divan bleu inc.
Dawson WoodsManager, Divan bleu inc.

Bricks creates extremely clean code and fast-loading sites. Due to its great feature set, Bricks is offering 100% flexibility on the dev side of things. For us as an agency, Bricks is a no-brainer and the most important tool in our web-dev toolkit!

Migrating our clients from Elementor to Bricks has improved performance. Amazingly easy to work with. Our first 10 clients we migrated from Elementor took less than 30 days.

Cyrus Director

Elementor was my initial choice as it is everywhere, but as soon as I found Bricks, I switched, and it really helped me to understand HTML and CSS, as it is really clean.

Jakub Vokoun student
Jakub VokounStudent

If you are comfortable with Elementor, you will be very happy with Bricks. I am a novice coder.

Jennifer Ward CEO
Jennifer Ward

Bricks gives you an almost Webflow-like experience with WordPress. It just works for me.

Farhan Developer & Educator
FarhanDeveloper & Educator
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