• Lifetime
  • Yearly (coming soon)
  • Lifetime Starter
    1 website
    • Available until January 15th, 2024
  • Popular
    Lifetime Ultimate
    Unlimited websites
    • Increases to USD 599 on January 15th, 2024
  • Yearly Starter
    1 website
  • Yearly Business
    3 websites
  • Yearly Agency
    Unlimited websites

Prices plus VAT/GST. Sales tax is charged according to your location.  Licenses: Local & staging site installations don’t count against your license limit.

All plans include

  • Regular updates
  • Technical support
  • All current and upcoming features
  • 100+ elements
  • Query Loop Builder
  • Menu Builder
  • Popup Builder
  • WooCommerce Builder
  • Conditions & Interactions

Self upgrade to Bricks Ultimate

Generate an upgrade link for Bricks Ultimate from your Bricks account “Licenses” tab by clicking the blue upgrade button. The price you already paid for your Starter license is automatically deducted. So you only pay the remaining difference.

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No pressure money-back guarantee

Test Bricks 100% risk-free at your own pace & setup. If you are not happy with Bricks just email us, and we will issue a full refund. We will email all customers well in advance before we increase our prices & update this refund policy.

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Most frequently asked questions

You have a question that is not listed here? For technical questions, please take a look at the Bricks Academy. For everything else, send us a message.

What is Bricks

Bricks is a premium WordPress theme that lets you visually build performant WordPress sites with confidence, and in record time.

Why Is Bricks so fast?

Bricks is carefully crafted, and runs on the latest, most modern Vue.js 3 framework (inside the builder). The frontend uses smart asset loading, clean markup, and some magic 🙂

Can I try Bricks first?

Yes, you can create your own free Bricks playground account over at try.bricksbuilder.io. The playground runs on the latest Bricks release. If you have any feedback for us, please let us know.

How To create an account?

Your account & license is automatically created after checkout completion. From there you can view & edit your invoice, download any Bricks release, change your password & email address, etc.

How can I upgrade to Bricks Ultimate?

You can generate an upgrade link for Bricks Ultimate from your Bricks account “Licenses” tab by clicking the blue upgrade button. Clicking the generated link brings you to the checkout. The price you already paid for your Starter license deducted. So you only pay the remaining difference.

Can I use Bricks on my client sites?

Yes, of course. You can activate your Bricks license on your own and your client’s websites. You can also restrict the license activation to specific sites in your Bricks account. 

Do I need to be a developer?

No. You can visually design your entire site without any coding knowledge. But if you know how to code, you can do even more, such as creating custom elements, etc.

What languages are supported ?

Bricks is currently available in the following languages: English, German, Portuguese, Spanish, Russian, Japanese, French, Italian, Dutch, Polish, Bulgarian, Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese, Romanian, Malaysian, Swedish, Slovak, Slovenian, Croatian, Czech, Turkish, Hungarian, Arabic, and Hebrew.

How to get support?

We provide technical support via email. You can get in touch with us by submitting the contact form at bricksbuilder.io/contact.

There is also a forum over at forum.bricksbuilder.io where you can report bugs or ask others for help with anything Bricks-related.

Is there an affiliate program?

We do not have an affiliate program yet. But you can already apply to the Affiliate Program. We’ll be in touch with you once we get closer to launching the program.

Why Bricks

Our development process is driven by you – the user.

We encourage you to submit your ideas. Ensuring that Bricks continues to grow and evolve in alignment with your needs and requirements. Join our community today and become a part of our ongoing innovation.

Idea Board

Your ideas & votes drive our development

Submit your feature request through our public idea board for others to upvote & comment on. The most popular ideas stand a great chance of making it onto our public roadmap.

Visit our ideas board
Public Roadmap

See what's planned, next, and in progress

Always be in the known and build with confidence by following our public roadmap, which is updated in real-time as the development progresses.

Visit our public roadmap
Engaged Community

Helpful community of WordPress professionals

Engage with like-minded builders. Seek guidance. Share your own expertise. Together, we'll troubleshoot, squash pesky bugs, and brainstorm enhancements to help you build truly unique web design experiences.

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Bricks Builder is sublime. It’s the very best WordPress theme that I’ve come across in the past 13 years of building websites. It’s super-smart, efficient, & ultra-fast. The more I work with it, the more delighted I am to discover its elegant intelligence.

The only page builder out there that balances non-tech-savvy users, power users, and developers' expectations. Clean code, low footprint output, clear documentation, and a great developers team listening to users' feedback.

Adame Dahmani Web performance expert
Adame DahmaniWeb performance expert

Bricks is the builder I have been waiting for all my career. Bricks is the future for creating scalable websites in WordPress. I have been a developer for many years and tried most tech stacks to build complex sites. Bricks saves me time and adds value to my clients needs.

Forty Miles West Founder
Forty Miles WestFounder

Fast, futuristic, best value for money.

fuad syawal owner
Fuad Syawal

I love the company ethos, personal touch and dedication. This is a human product in an inhuman world.

Heather Wattsartist

Bricks genuinely cares about his community, keeps it non-toxic, and develops what the user really needs.

Gustavo O. Consultor SEO
Gustavo O.Consultor SEO

Bricks has really helped me to grow my skills, it’s simple to start using, but, gives you the freedom to expand beyond the basics. The community of Bricks is a great group of developers to help everyone grow.

Kenneth Mundell Website Manager - Stripes R Us
Kenneth MundellWebsite Manager, Stripes R Us

I started to use Bricks over 2 years ago. The reason I’m using it, of course, it’s a great Theme and Builder, but I really enjoy growing with the team and the community as well

Timo WesselsFounder, MSK

The Bricks team is even more responsive than the sites built with Bricks! Every request for help has been looked after and problems solved within 24 hours. Chapeau!

Eljay Bos Eljay Bos WebDesign / founder
Eljay BosFounder, Eljay Bos WebDesign