Build Your Site At The Speed Of Thought

Do Everything Right In The Builder

Forget about switching back and forth between the WordPress dashboard and the builder.

Access every part of the builder from one screen. Create and navigate between posts, pages and templates all within the builder.

Click & Type

Edit any text directly in the builder preview. No switching to the settings panel required. Your changes are applied instantly. Another great time saver to speed up your editing experience.

Resizable columns

Pixel perfect column width resizing by dragging any column to your desired width. Choose between pixel and percentage units.

Powerful Context Menu

Use the custom right-click menu to quickly clone, delete and copy styles of any building block. Even between browser tabs. Another unique Bricks feature to help you build your site even faster.

Presets: Create Your Own Styles

Although Bricks' default styling is already stunning you can create an infinite number of presets with custom styles for every aspect of your site. 

Apply presets to your entire site, certain parts such as the archive or a specific category or individual pages. 

Grid Layout Builder

Display any collection of pages, posts and images in an eyecatching layout. Choose between fully customizable list, grid, masonry and metro layouts.

Create Your Unique Blog

Visually mix and match 10 blog specific elements into a truly unique blog design. Or one-click insert a blog home page or single blog post layout from the template library and tweak it to your needs.

Set a blog post layout for all your posts or create different layouts for specific categories and terms.

Archive, search results and 404 error pages are fully customizable via drag and drop, too.

Free-To-Use Photos

Never pay for or run out of photos for your website again. Bricks integrates with Unsplash.

Access over 950.000 free-to-use photos (no attribution, commercial usage allowed). 

One-click in-builder download to speed up your design workflow even further.

Never Lose Your Work Again

Every time you hit save Bricks creates a revision of your saved changes. This auto back up feature let's you roll back and restore any previously saved version.

You can preview and apply any revision with a single click right from the builder. We utilize the official WordPress Revisions code base. So you can tweak revisions to your needs via standard WordPress hooks/filters.

Quick Nav

Switch from editing an element to its column, row and section right from the panel.

Unlimited Sidebars

Create and display an infinite number of sidebars anywhere on your site. Full WP widget support.

Powerful Preview

Mobile preview and editing backed into the builder. Preview your latest changes in an auto-refreshing tab.

Global & Page Settings

Global CSS and JavaScript. Manual or autosave. Indidual page settings such as one page navigation etc.

Extensive Custom CSS

CSS filters, IDs, classes, transitions and custom CSS for every section, row, column and element.

Global Elements

Save any element to reuse it anywhere on your site. Update a global element to apply your changes to all instances.

Undo Button

Accidentially deleted an element? Simply roll back in a single click through the undo notification.

Hover Styles

All styling options of the default view are also available to create custom hover styles. Try me ..

Style Reset

Don't like the styles you applied? Press "Reset Styles" to apply the default styles with one click.

Fully Translatable

Translate Bricks into the language of your choice. Please get in touch to share your translation with us.

Custom Color Palette

Use prefined colors or create your own brand-specific color palette right in the builder.

Little Gems

Customizable message whenever you hit "Save" to celebrate every step towards your new site.