Bricks has solved all the problems I've had with any other WP builders I've tried. Excellent performance (both front and back end), really easy to use, a UI that hugely inspires me to design, a solid theme styling system, the ability to create any extended global styles I can think of, and native features that other tools require 3rd party plugins for.

Bricks creates extremely clean code and fast-loading sites. Due to its great feature set, Bricks is offering 100% flexibility on the dev side of things. For us as an agency, Bricks is a no-brainer and the most important tool in our web-dev toolkit!

I chose Bricks Builder to power my web design agency because the builder is fast, intuitive, and incredibly flexible. I can build anything I need for my clients with Bricks. Dynamic data, custom interactions, query loops, it’s got it all! I absolutely love working with Bricks Builder!

Bricks Builder has revolutionized the way I create websites. Its performance, flexibility, and ease of use have elevated the quality of my work. The clean code output and excellent support make it a game-changer for web professionals. Highly recommended!

Bricks Builder stands out with its lightweight code and near-perfect markup - a developer's dream. It's user-focused, with a highly responsive team continually improving the product, showing genuine care for their community.

My Agency Recently started using bricks. It's the best decision we have ever made. My development team and I love how you can add code, edit CSS, and make your own elements in a modern and responsive coding environment. I also work with my design team, and we love how easy it is to design in Bricks, allowing us to make art in minutes.

In the few weeks I've had bricks, I have been impressed with it daily for its ease of use and adaptability (you can do pretty much anything) - and the support is top-notch. They actually fix the product for everyone - not just your specific case.

Luka Fatur headshot
Luka Fatur

Bricks is doing a fantastic job. Coming from Webflow, it's the closest builder that I've found. As a young builder on the market, it got popular really fast, and that's all deserved. It offers many features and a great team that continuously supports and improves the product.

Kristijan Pirkovic

For my projects, I only use the Bricks Builder. The flexibility, speed, and compatibility, combined with various extensions, make this software more than lucrative.

After three days with Bricks I was blown away by its speed, all the possibilities with good compatibility, and its excellent smooth workflow.

Patty Stucki headshot
Patty Stucki

Bricks is an amazing page builder. It has everything you could possibly want for building a fast and reliable website. The interface is intuitive, their development is steady, and the support is fantastic.

Mike Stott headshot
Mike Stott

Bricks gives me a whole new way to create WordPress sites. The flexibility and dynamism makes it much easier for me to implement my projects. And with that, they've managed to do what others couldn't before—a really great builder.

Visual Full Site Editing

Unleash creative freedom with visual full site editing

Drag and drop elements around the canvas and structure panel. Create headers, sections, single posts/pages, archives, menus, WooCommerce products, cart, checkout, and popups. All through the same interface. Enjoy the intuitive live text editor, unlimited responsive editing with custom breakpoints, and the flexibility of a desktop or mobile-first approach.

Menu Builder

Craft highly customizable menus

Design fully customizable & accessible desktop and mobile menus with our nestable nav menu builder. Tweak your menus to your exact requirements, providing seamless site navigation for every device.

Explore the menu builder
A collage of Bricks menu elements such as dropdowns, mega menus, mobile and offcanvas menus, vertical and horizontal navigation menus.
A collage of WooCommerce product cards of different sizes.
WooCommerce Builder

Design your entire WooCommerce store visually

Craft visually stunning WooCommerce stores with ease. Enhance user experience and boost sales with seamless store designs.

Explore the WooCommerce builder
Popup Builder

Engage audiences with targeted popups

Create captivating popups without relying on additional plugins. Deliver the right message at the right time by designing attention-grabbing popups that captivate your audience.

Explore the popup builder
A competition pop-up in front of a darkened background
A collage showing the Bricks Query Loop settings panel and various styled front-end loops such as recent posts, users, categories, media and shopping cart items.
Query Loop Builder

Visualize and query data effortlessly

Unlock the power of data with the Query Loop Builder. Query any data from your WordPress database visually, including posts, users, media, and custom fields. Easily retrieve and display the information you need.

Explore the query loop builder
State of the art

Powerful features for highly efficient & modern workflows

CSS Classes and Pseudo-Classes/Elements

CSS classes for modular & scalable websites

Use CSS classes defined externally on any element, or create and define styles of your own classes directly in Bricks. Any pseudo element/class is supported, too. Enjoy powerful class management capabilities like search, rename, and copy/paste styles (even between websites).

Maximize your website’s modularity and maintainability while reducing excessive styles and specificity. Customize easily and unlock endless design possibilities with Bricks’ CSS class features.

The css element classes dropdown panel next to some styled product cards
Image gallery settings panel querying a custom ACF image gallery
Dynamic Data

Dynamic content and custom fields supercharged

Populate any part of your website with custom fields. Bricks’ dynamic content support is unparalleled and deeply intergrates with the most popular custom field plugins such as Advanced Custom Fields (ACF), Meta Box, JetEngine, Toolset, Pods, and ACPT.

Learn more about dynamic content

110+ ready-to-use elements

Build websites faster than ever with an extensive library of 110+ pre-built elements.

Incorporate professionally designed headings, texts, images, galleries, sliders, post grids, breadcrumbs, pagination, and more into your layouts.

Create your own elements (simple & nested) programmatically through Bricks’ Element API.

Explore all elements
Responsive Editing

Customizable breakpoints & mobile-first support

Craft pixel-perfect sites that look stunning on every device. Use & customize default breakpoints. Extend your site's responsiveness by adding your own breakpoints. Desktop or mobile-first approach. Preview your design changes in real-time, right in the builder. Improving SEO & user experience, and ensure maintainability and scalability as your site adapts to future devices automatically.

A screenshpot of the condition-relations interface that connects two conditions with "and" or "or".
Conditions and Interactions

Create dynamic and interactive websites with conditions and interactions

Customize your website’s behavior with Bricks’ flexible conditions and interactions. Personalize content visibility based on various criteria and incorporate interactive elements for a dynamic user experience.


Elevate your website designs with advanced typography

Revolutionize your website’s visual appeal with cutting-edge font integrations.

Seamlessly integrate Google Fonts & Adobe Fonts. Upload your own custom fonts. All with variable font support.

Use built-in icon libraries like Font Awesome, Ionicons, and Themify Icons. Elevate your design with limitless type flexibility and GDPR conformity.

Collage of typography styles with a huge "A" in the middle.
Custom Elements

Create your own custom elements

Use Bricks Element API to programmatically create your own, unique elements for all your website projects using PHP, HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.

All details in the Bricks Academy
Custom authentication forms & pages

Craft tailored login experiences

Craft unique login experiences tailored to your brand with personalized authentication pages for a seamless user journey.

Explore all form features
Enhanced website Management

Maintenance & coming soon pages

Craft “under construction” and “coming soon” pages without extra plugins. Control site availability during updates or construction through role-based access and HTTP status codes.

All details in the Bricks Academy
Inject templates via hooks

Inject section templates across your site

Effortlessly integrate 'Section' templates at any point within your website's layout using any WordPress hook, whether it's before the header, within your plugin markup or after the content.

All details in the Bricks Academy
Template Libraries

Maximize productivity with templates

Streamline your website creation with Bricks’ versatile template engine. Create, organize, import, and export templates while improving organization with screenshots, tags, and categories.

Access & insert your templates from any other public Bricks installation through unlimited Remote Template URLs.

Screenshot of the "my templates" template library popup

Migrating our clients from Elementor to Bricks has improved performance. Amazingly easy to work with. Our first 10 clients we migrated from Elementor took less than 30 days.

Cyrus Director

Bricks have proven to be ten times faster than other website builders, and all of my builds have achieved top-notch performance. The user interface is sleek, easy to navigate, and its CSS rules are semantically accurate.

Bricks has really helped me to grow my skills, it’s simple to start using, but, gives you the freedom to expand beyond the basics. The community of Bricks is a great group of developers to help everyone grow.

Kenneth Mundell Website Manager - Stripes R Us
Kenneth MundellWebsite Manager, Stripes R Us

We've used Bricks for our new builds, and it has been a great experience for us and the clients. It's quite superior to the other premium page builders available. The resulting sites are super fast, and it's very easy to customize and extend. Go for it!

Serafín Danessa Founder |
Serafín DanessaFounder,

Bricks is amazing in terms of speed optimization, clean code and easy to use page builder.


I am new to Bricks, but so far the user experience has been excellent and the frontend code generated by Bricks looks very clean. Quite impressive. I used to be a page-builder hater, but Bricks is in another league.

Community Templates

Hit the ground running with ready-made templates

Access a wide range of ready-to-use templates. Build your website quickly with one-click headers, footers, sections, and more. Expand your template options with third-party libraries and share your creations as remote templates. Enjoy a fast and fully editable building process while learning from the wealth of pre-built templates.

Screenshot of the Reality real estate buy page template
Reality – Buy
Screenshot of the Reality real estate homepage template
Reality – Home
Screenshot of the Liv lifestyle blog archive template
Liv – Home
Screenshot of the Digital agency projects page template
Digital – Projects
Screenshot of the Reality real estate buy page template
Reality – Buy
Screenshot of the Reality real estate homepage template
Reality – Home
Infinity section template with an image on the left and text plus tabs element on the right.
Infinity – Info
Two-column Infinity service template with service cards on the left and text on the right
Infinity – Our Ranges
Infinity services section template with a text intro and three service cards
Infinity – Services
A two column website section with an image on the left and text on the right.
Infinity – Who We Are
More Builder Features

There are many more features to explore

Built-in SEO

Build sites that rank

Optimize your website’s visibility and social media presence with SEO and Open Graph functionality backed right into the builder.

Utilize SEO settings to enhance your search engine rankings while leveraging custom Open Graph tags to optimize your website’s appearance and performance on various social media platforms. Without having to rely on yet another plugin.

Scalable Vector Graphics

Native SVG support

Explore new design possibilities through native SVG support. Add custom icons and graphics in scalable, retina-ready SVG format while optimizing file sizes for exceptional website performance.


Never lose your progress again

Safeguard and browse through your work in time with revisions and customizable autosave.

Undo/redo steps, customize autosave settings, and access revision history from the toolbar for added peace of mind.

API Integrations

Connect your website with powerful API integrations

Supercharge your website with API integrations. Connect to popular services such as Adobe Fonts, Google Maps, Google reCaptcha, Unsplash, Facebook, Mailchimp, and SendGrid to unlock enhanced functionality.

Page Settings

Tailor individual pages

Craft unique and engaging landing pages through page-specific settings. Incorporate custom code, one-page navigation, and specific body classes. Disable headers & footers as needed.

WPML & Polylang Integration

Go global with a multilingual site

Seamlessly translate your entire website into multiple languages with full integration for WPML and Polylang plugins. Effortlessly localize strings, media, and content.

Translations & RTL Support

Translated in 20+ languages

Available in the most popular languages, and with full RTL support. Translate Bricks into any language thanks to its full localization. Language & direction can be set individually for the builder.

Builder Access

Full control with builder access levels

Set builder access levels to maintain control over your layouts. Define specific access permissions for user roles or individual users to allow for collaboration while safeguarding the integrity of your designs.

Customizable builder modes

Make the builder interface your own

Customize the builder UI with versatile builder modes. Select from light or dark. You can even create your very own custom theme by setting a couple of CSS variables. To create an immersive environment that matches your designs, and fuels your creativity.

Learn more about builder modes
Productivity Features

Time-saving features to speed up your workflow


Keyboard shortcuts

Add, delete, copy, paste, save, undo/redo and navigate between breakpoints, elements, and classes.
All with a few single keystrokes.

Explore all keyboard shortcuts

Cross-domain copy and paste

Copy and paste elements, classes, or entire layouts across pages or websites, streamlining your process and saving valuable time.

Collaborate with your team

Edit with Bricks solo or collaboratively. Saving only actual changes to prevent data loss.

Custom context menu

Not a fan of keyboard shortcuts? No problem. Access the most common actions by right-clicking on an element in the canvas and structure panel.

Quick search

Use Bricks' keyboard-shortcut accessible element & settings search instead of navigating through the entire interface.

Pinned elements

Pin your most used elements at the top of the elements panel to access them even faster.

Manage your posts in the builder

Create new posts and pages and navigate between your Bricks-enabled post types right in the builder.

Real-time preview

Visualize your final designs in real-time with auto-reloading preview tabs or right in the builder with a single click.

Built-in documentation

Browse the built-in Bricks Academy, how-to guides, videos, and insightful tips to enhance your skills right inside the builder.