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Top grades for a superior user experience

Bask in the glow of a high-performing website that earns top 'A' grades in all relevant speed tests like Lighthouse and GTmetrix right out-of-the-box. This unprecedented speed translates to improved SEO rankings, a superior user experience, and increased conversions. Make every moment matter for your visitors, converting more clicks into customers faster than ever before.








Best Practices

Bricks is a great professional builder that gives me the ability to create anything I want and still have full control. Bricks outputs clean semantic code, which helps ensure great page speed. Overall it is a great tool and easy for me to use.

Jason EugeneFreelancer

For me, Bricks Builder is the best visual builder for WP with a fast and most usable editor interface. The first editor that results in frontend loading times under 1 second.

Andrew K.Freelancer

I don't need to take care of google page speed anymore... it’s so fast out of the box.

Röder Mario Owner of Digital-Workshop.at
Röder MarioOwner, Digital-Workshop.at

It's everything I was always looking for in a WordPress page builder. Flexibility for custom designs and amazing page speed. Perfect for designers who know their way around CSS.

Wolfgang Stefani Freelance Webdesigner at wolfgegenlicht.de
Wolfgang StefaniFreelance Webdesigner, wolfgegenlicht.de

Bricks is the first builder that got me excited about learning WordPress development, rather than trying everything it could to "re-skin" or escape what WordPress is meant to be. While there is a bit of a learning curve, it's nothing new if you are serious about building custom, yet performative websites for yourself and for your clients.

Elementor's non-standard and often inefficient ways of doing things frustrated me, so I switched to Bricks. I love Bricks's flexibility to utilize web standards within a friendly low/no-code interface. This allows me to create scalable, maintainable, accessible, and optimized sites — saving me time, and my customers love the results.

Adam E. Hunt Partner
Adam E. HuntPartner, Spectrolite Studio

With Bricks, I've significantly improved the metrics on GTmetrix and PageSpeed Insights compared to Elementor. Additionally, my TTFB times are much lower. Its class-based structure and developer-oriented features provide flexibility and efficiency unmatched by any other builder on the market.

Felipe Molina Position: Founder and CEO Company: Superpyme.cl - Development and Marketing
Felipe MolinaFounder and CEO, Superpyme.cl

Bricks is pushing me to a whole new level. I finally have the freedom to build websites I have long sought and not found. Now, websites are beautiful and fast at the same time.

Sebastian GerlaTeacher

Bricks is amazing in terms of speed optimization, clean code and easy to use page builder.

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  <h3 class="brxe-heading">I am a heading</h3>
  <div class="brxe-text-basic">Here goes your text ...</div>
  <span class="brxe-button bricks-button">I am a button</span>
Clean and semantic Markup

Output clean, semantic HTML

Build your website's strong foundation with clean, semantic markup. Add element IDs and classes as needed. Resulting in an ever smaller DOM structure. Which directly improves loading times and optimizes your website's performance. Enjoy a site that's as pleasing to navigate as it is to code, all while improving its speed and efficiency.

Lazy loading loading indicator icon in front of an image.
Lazy Loading Assets

Embrace lazy loading for peak performance

Improve website performance and efficiency with lazy loading. Enjoy faster initial page loads, optimized bandwidth, and better mobile performance. For all your images, background images, and even videos.

No jQuery

Break free from jQuery

Accelerate your website with Vanilla JavaScript. Without the usual jQuery crutches. Experience faster load times, improved compatibility, and quicker execution.

Optimized font loading

Fast loading fonts

Enhance your website speed with optimized font loading. Experience faster load times and a more responsive site through variable fonts.

Remove unnecessary Scripts

Reduce scripts

Boost your site's speed by discarding unnecessary scripts. Revel in enhanced performance, better load times and a frictionless user experience.

Bricks is awesome! It gives total freedom to power users with a super clean code output. And at the same time, it’s super simple for client content editing. Love it!

Laurent Gaulhiac Upwwward.io (full agency website released by the end of the month)
Laurent GaulhiacUpwwward.io

Bricks is the best Wordpress builder that I have used. It's fast, well designed and produces great code.

Weldon Hostetler Owner of Hostetler Web Design
Weldon HostetlerOwner, Hostetler Web Design

Bricks is amazing in terms of speed optimization, clean code and easy to use page builder.


The only page builder out there that balances non-tech-savvy users, power users, and developers' expectations. Clean code, low footprint output, clear documentation, and a great developers team listening to users' feedback.

Adame Dahmani Web performance expert
Adame DahmaniWeb performance expert

I like Bricks because Bricks doesn't write code unnecessarily, unlike many other pagebuilders. With the dynamic tags, Bricks offers many possibilities that cannot be realized with other page builders or only with many detours.

Christoph Purin CEO
Christoph PurinCEO

The combination of performance, flexibility, and ease of use has taken my projects to a new level of excellence. The clean code it generates, and high-quality support make it an indispensable tool for any web professional. 100% recommended.

Bricks have proven to be ten times faster than other website builders, and all of my builds have achieved top-notch performance. The user interface is sleek, easy to navigate, and its CSS rules are semantically accurate.

Bricks is a great professional builder that gives me the ability to create anything I want and still have full control. Bricks outputs clean semantic code, which helps ensure great page speed. Overall it is a great tool and easy for me to use.

Jason EugeneFreelancer

I’ve used every page builder for WordPress. I’ve recorded hundreds of hours of training videos teaching web design best practices with page builders. I’ve built sites for clients from $5k to $125k. I can say, with confidence, that Bricks Builder is #1 in the WordPress ecosystem right now. There’s no better option for building clean, scalable, maintainable, accessible websites. Buy it without hesitation.

Probably the only builder that doesn't treat it's customers as idiots and gives you the flexibility you need as a professional. Fast backend, clean code in the frontend and lots of advanced features.

Maks FischerFischer Concepts

Elementor was my initial choice as it is everywhere, but as soon as I found Bricks, I switched, and it really helped me to understand HTML and CSS, as it is really clean.

Jakub Vokoun student
Jakub VokounStudent

I am new to Bricks, but so far the user experience has been excellent and the frontend code generated by Bricks looks very clean. Quite impressive. I used to be a page-builder hater, but Bricks is in another league.

The SEO page settings panel allows you to change the permalink, the post or document title and add a meta description and meta keywords.
SEO Integration

Built-in SEO settings for better visibility

Unlock the potential of your site with Bricks' integrated SEO tools. Manipulate the permalink, post and document titles directly in the builder. Add critical meta descriptions and keywords, and set robots directives. There's no need for an extra plugin – all the essential SEO settings you need are right at your fingertips. Watch your site rise in search rankings and draw in a wider audience. All while simplifying your process.

Open Graph Social Media Integration

Enhance your social reach

Boost your social media impact with integrated Open Graph capabilities. Dynamically add share titles, descriptions, images, and links. Making each share as unique and impactful as your content. Without having to rely on yet another plugin. Built-in Open Graph settings are readily available, letting your content shine on every platform.

A screenshot of a share post screen demonstrating the open graph settings such as share text and share image.

After years of working with Elementor and Visual Composer, I decided to switch to Bricks. Performance and simplicity were key aspects to improve on my websites, and Bricks has definitely given me what I was after. Thanks to Bricks, my SEO efforts don´t get obscured by tons of lines of code that don´t do anything to my website but slow it down. 

Bricks is super fast like a Bugatti – a powerful yet easy-to-use page builder with SEO in mind. It definitely can skyrocket your business.


I went from working with Divi Theme to Bricks and the change in the more invisible parts (and often more important parts) of the website is dramatic. Semantic HTML is greatly improved, and that helps tremendously with accessibility and SEO. Not to mention, creating layouts is vastly superior on Bricks than on Divi. I find myself swearing a lot less during development.

Dawson Woods Manager at Divan bleu inc.
Dawson WoodsManager, Divan bleu inc.