Custom Fields

Populate your content without limitations

Go beyond the standard fields and extend your posts, pages, taxonomies, or users with custom fields and dynamic content.

Bricks seamlessly integrates with popular custom fields providers like Advanced Custom Fields, Meta Box, JetEngine, Toolset, Pods, and ACPT.

Create flexible layouts, nested groups, repeaters, date fields, and other custom field types to retrieve any data imaginable.

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A screenshot of the dynamic data picker dropdown to select the post title, post ID, post date, custom fields and much more next to a dynamic product card.
Dynamic data picker

Insert dynamic content from anywhere

Look out for the dynamic data picker (lightning bolt icon) to populate your element content & styles with data from your database. Clicking the lightning bolt reveals a searchable & keyboard-navigatable dropdown of all available dynamic data options.

Dynamic Query Loops

Query dynamic data

Add  dynamic data to your query loop arguments to create highly custom database queries without having to touch any code.

Loop over custom repeater fields or flexible content. Take full control over your content and create captivating layouts that showcase your custom field data in a structured and visually appealing way.

Product cards in a masonry grid with dynamic attributes such as the product category, price and color variations.

What I love the most about Bricks is the query loop builder. It's rich in features and has the capability of querying taxonomies, and paired with Bricks dynamic data tags, it pushes the limits of what you can do with dynamic data.

Udoro 'Cracka' Essien Developer & YouTuber -  Design with Cracka
Udoro 'Cracka' EssienDeveloper & YouTuber, Design with Cracka

I chose Bricks Builder to power my web design agency because the builder is fast, intuitive, and incredibly flexible. I can build anything I need for my clients with Bricks. Dynamic data, custom interactions, query loops, it’s got it all! I absolutely love working with Bricks Builder!

More advanced dynamic data features

Dynamic data filters

Transform your custom field output by running it through filters to perfectly match the dynamic data whenever you need it.

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Render PHP function output

Use the advanced dynamic data "echo" tag to render the output of any PHP function like {echo:yourFunctionName}.

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Add action hooks anywhere

Add the "do_action" dynamic data tag followed by the action hook name such as {do_action:my_custom_hook} to run any WordPress action anywhere on your site.

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Dynamic data conditions

Render content based on dynamic data conditions. To enhance user experiences, create user-specific interfaces, and present clean, highly targeted content.

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