You, the Designer

Any layout you want

Fully responsive and flexible system of sections, rows, and columns for unlimited layout options.

Arrange your blocks with simple drag & drop into any layout.

Any Part of your site

Header, footer, pages, blog posts, archives, search results, 404 pages, custom post type layouts, etc.

If it's in WordPress, you can design it with Bricks.

Theme Styles

Create and maintain a consistent design system throughout your site via Theme Styles. All visually, and in real-time.

Define custom styles for your layout, colors, links, typography, and all of your elements.

Create as many theme styles as you need. Then set conditions where on your site to show certain styles.

1 million+ Unique free Photos

Access over 1 million commercially free photos right within Bricks. Download any photo directly into your WordPress site with one click.

- Unsplash Integration -

Image Editing

Skip PhotoShop. Apply unique effects to your images right within the builder via CSS filters.

Set blur, brightness, contrast, hue, invert, opacity, saturation, and sepia via easy to use visual controls.

Design - Gradients & Overlays

Gradients & Overlays

Need a background overlay for your text to stand out? Apply a six-colored gradient to a heading? How about a background gradient with a 42° angle and mutiple color stops?

All of this and more is possible with the most sophisticated gradient tool in the market. Apply an unlimited number of gradients to texts, backgrounds and overlays.

Videos Everywhere

Embed videos from YouTube, Vimeo, your media library, or any external URL. Add background videos to sections, rows, and columns. Open videos in customizable lightboxes. Configure your own, fully customizable video player like this one:

* all video file assets are lazy-loaded for max. performance

Custom Color Palettes

Create your own custom color palettes to match your brand. Use your color throughout your entire site. Changes on global colors take immediate effect on every element that uses the same color.

Bricks comes with its very own advanced custom color picker. Which supports HEX, RBGA and HSL color schemes. Fine-tune hue, saturation, lightness and transparency.

Shape Dividers

Mix and match 29 unique horizontal and vertical shapes in unlimited ways to break up your content in engaging units.

Then tweak each shape to your liking. The most sophisticated shape divider available. See those drops above? That's a shape divider.

Design - Shape Dividers

More Design features

CSS Transform

Create interesting and high-performant transformation effects such as scale, rotate, skew, or freely adjust the position of any block horizontally and vertically.

Hover Styles

Edit your text directly on the canvas. No switching to the panel required. Select text with your mouse to reveal the quick formatting bar.

Global elements

Save any element with one click to reuse it anywhere on your site. Update a global element once to apply your changes to all it's instances throughout your site.

Thousands Of Icons

Choose from more than 2000 icons. Bricks includes the latest version of the popular FontAwesome icon font, Ionicons, and Themify.

Custom CSS

Adjust and extend the styles of any block with your own custom CSS right within the builder. Or apply your custom CSS globally.

Animations for

Bring your site to life by adding custom entry/exit animations to any block. Tip: Captivate your visitors with the Animated Typing element (see above).

SVG Support

Start utilizing Scalable Vector Graphics (SVG) on your site. Customize stroke color, stroke width, and fill color.

See the icon above? That's a 1KB SVG. Pretty neat, huh.

Reset your styles

Revert your custom styling changes for any block with one click straight from the editing panel. Only your styles will be reset, your content stays untouched.

Sidebar Creator

Create, manage, and display an infinite number of sidebars anywhere on your site.

Every sidebar has full support for any WordPress widget.

Visual Block Styling

Perform common design actions like column resizing, margins & padding adjustments right on the canvas.

Copy & paste styles (even between browser tabs) via the custom context menu. Edit, clone, save, delete blocks with one click.