Bricks has solved all the problems I’ve had with any other page builder.

To be able to use all these functions without needing additional tools to make it work inside Bricks Builder is worth its weight in gold.

What I loved about Bricks Builder (...): you can be very very creative with the design and the output.

The user interface of Bricks Builder is hands down the best of any page builder inside of WordPress.

Bricks brought a spark back to me, I'm having fun with it.

I’ve used every page builder for WordPress. I’ve recorded hundreds of hours of training videos teaching web design best practices with page builders. I’ve built sites for clients from $5k to $125k. I can say, with confidence, that Bricks Builder is #1 in the WordPress ecosystem right now. There’s no better option for building clean, scalable, maintainable, accessible websites. Buy it without hesitation.

I'm seriously (happy!) emotional right now because you are the first full-blown page builder creator who cares and understands so much about accessibility and implements it right.

Bricks has solved all the problems I've had with any other WP builders I've tried. Excellent performance (both front and back end), really easy to use, a UI that hugely inspires me to design, a solid theme styling system, the ability to create any extended global styles I can think of, and native features that other tools require 3rd party plugins for.

To be able to use all these functions without needing additional tools to make it work inside Bricks Builder is worth its weight in gold.

What I love the most about Bricks is the query loop builder. It's rich in features and has the capability of querying taxonomies, and paired with Bricks dynamic data tags, it pushes the limits of what you can do with dynamic data.

Udoro 'Cracka' Essien Developer & YouTuber -  Design with Cracka
Udoro 'Cracka' EssienDeveloper & YouTuber, Design with Cracka

Bricks fills the gap between dumbed-down, heavy, visual builders vs writing clean code from scratch. With Bricks I feel I have all the power of controlling my own clean CSS code, while having UI windows to organize it all visually.

Sean Sullivan headshot
Sean Sullivan

Bricks creates extremely clean code and fast-loading sites. Due to its great feature set, Bricks is offering 100% flexibility on the dev side of things. For us as an agency, Bricks is a no-brainer and the most important tool in our web-dev toolkit!

I chose Bricks Builder to power my web design agency because the builder is fast, intuitive, and incredibly flexible. I can build anything I need for my clients with Bricks. Dynamic data, custom interactions, query loops, it’s got it all! I absolutely love working with Bricks Builder!

After years of working with Elementor and Visual Composer, I decided to switch to Bricks. Performance and simplicity were key aspects to improve on my websites, and Bricks has definitely given me what I was after. Thanks to Bricks, my SEO efforts don´t get obscured by tons of lines of code that don´t do anything to my website but slow it down. 

Bricks Builder has revolutionized the way I create websites. Its performance, flexibility, and ease of use have elevated the quality of my work. The clean code output and excellent support make it a game-changer for web professionals. Highly recommended!

Bricks Builder stands out with its lightweight code and near-perfect markup - a developer's dream. It's user-focused, with a highly responsive team continually improving the product, showing genuine care for their community.

My Agency Recently started using bricks. It's the best decision we have ever made. My development team and I love how you can add code, edit CSS, and make your own elements in a modern and responsive coding environment. I also work with my design team, and we love how easy it is to design in Bricks, allowing us to make art in minutes.

In the few weeks I've had bricks, I have been impressed with it daily for its ease of use and adaptability (you can do pretty much anything) - and the support is top-notch. They actually fix the product for everyone - not just your specific case.

Luka Fatur headshot
Luka Fatur

Bricks is doing a fantastic job. Coming from Webflow, it's the closest builder that I've found. As a young builder on the market, it got popular really fast, and that's all deserved. It offers many features and a great team that continuously supports and improves the product.

Kristijan Pirkovic

It’s like a dream to work with Bricks Builder.

Bricks has the most comprehensive support I've encountered in 6 years of premium themes and builders usage (and I've used Elementor Pro, Divi, and GeneratePress).

Óscar Gil Balaguer headshot
Óscar Gil Balaguer

For my projects, I only use the Bricks Builder. The flexibility, speed, and compatibility, combined with various extensions, make this software more than lucrative.

After three days with Bricks I was blown away by its speed, all the possibilities with good compatibility, and its excellent smooth workflow.

Patty Stucki headshot
Patty Stucki

Bricks is an amazing page builder. It has everything you could possibly want for building a fast and reliable website. The interface is intuitive, their development is steady, and the support is fantastic.

Mike Stott headshot
Mike Stott

I bought a lifetime license a while ago and since making the switch to Bricks, our agency has saved hundreds of hours in development time!

The support team has been extremely helpful, not just in giving support with the actual product but also in helping me with specific server issues that were affecting the functionality of one of my websites.

Working with Bricks really makes it feel like we are in the Golden Age of WordPress development. The code it outputs is shockingly lean—it's almost unbelievable that it's being generated by a builder. On the modern web, speed is key, and I've found pages load noticeably faster than alternative builders.

Jon Christoffersen headshot
Jon ChristoffersenTechnical Lead / Web Developer, Dataclay

Bricks gives me a whole new way to create WordPress sites. The flexibility and dynamism makes it much easier for me to implement my projects. And with that, they've managed to do what others couldn't before—a really great builder.

Bricks is the best and fastest site builder I've experienced in over 15 years of working in web design. It's incredibly fast (like day and night compared to other builders), really thought-out, has fantastic documentation, excellent support, and even a roadmap! With a solid framework as a foundation, this builder feels perfect for all my projects.

Bricks Builder is sublime. It’s the very best WordPress theme that I’ve come across in the past 13 years of building websites. It’s super-smart, efficient, & ultra-fast. The more I work with it, the more delighted I am to discover its elegant intelligence.

Bricks works for my agency—an extremely fast and complete WordPress Site Builder with a clean UI interface. Support of Flexbox is future-proof, and with the Query Loop, we are able to build the complete range of fast single-pagers to advanced websites.

I’ve used a few other builders in the past and recently stumbled upon Bricks. All I can say is WOW! It is a powerful builder already and comes with hands down the best support - a team who rapidly responds and listens to their community!

Aidan Newton headshot
Aidan Newton

When I found Bricks, I finally found a theme with the best of both worlds: fast loading times and a lot of functionality. Bricks is easy to use, allows me to be creative, and opens up a lot of new doors for me.

Andrew Overheid headshot
Andrew Overheid

The speed and performance of Bricks Builder is amazing. It's easy to use and advanced at the same time making it great for beginners and devs.

Ibrahim Owner
IbrahimOwner, imira Solutions

Bricks helped me build PROFESSIONAL websites I wouldn't have even attempted 10x faster. It's a feature-rich and flexible tool, 100% recommend.

Odinaka Joshua Freelancer
Odinaka JoshuaFreelancer

I love building sites with bricks. It gives us great speed while being extremely flexible and technically advanced. Having flexible APIs makes even my developer's heart beat faster.

Justin Vogt CEO Citation Media GmbH
Justin VogtCEO, Citation Media GmbH

Finally, a brilliant visual builder solution available for WordPress without the fuss. The best part is how clean/semantic the HTML and CSS is. Furthermore, the visual builder's UI/UX and the speed can't be found anywhere else, and no content lock-in either! Saves the data as Gutenberg data, and vice versa.

Orhan Öznacar Annecto
Orhan ÖznacarAnnecto

I started to use Bricks over 2 years ago. The reason I’m using it, of course, it’s a great Theme and Builder, but I really enjoy growing with the team and the community as well

Timo WesselsFounder, MSK

I don't need to take care of google page speed anymore... it’s so fast out of the box.

Röder Mario Owner of
Röder MarioOwner,

Easy to use for beginners but powerful when you get advanced.


Rebuilding my personal site with bricks is fast as hell!

Rafa_Arjonilla Owner
Rafa Arjonilla

With just one Theme, you can create a website that is high-performing, beautiful, easy to maintain and has delighted consumers. Bricks has earned the title of best Page Builder in the WordPress market.

Phu Truong UI/UX Designer & Website Developer of WeekThink Digital Marketing Agency
Phu TruongUI/UX Designer & Website Developer, WeekThink Digital Marketing Agency

Bricks has revolutionized the way we work as an Agency. We've used Wix, EditorX, Elementor, and Oxygen, and Bricks blows them all out of the water! I can't see myself ever moving away!

Owais Director
OwaisDirector, Adstract Media & Marketing

At first, I was a bit intimidated by the freedom and functionality that Bricks gives you, but once you get over the initial shock, you realize that the possibilities of Bricks are endless and it makes you a better developer in the process.

Marius GirdziusasCEO, Idea Valley

I love the fast and stable workflow with all the possibilities of this great and innovative builder. Coming from Elementor it's a breeze and I will never look back.

Roman Biegel CEO
Roman BiegelCEO, Creative Director

There are no limitations with Bricks, only timelines, the client's budget, and your knowledge! It elevated my business and the process of building websites. Makes it much faster with backend speed, great UI templating system & dynamic fields. I can finally have multiple templates opened at the same time!

Kristjan Balzan Marketer & Business Builder
Kristjan BalzanMarketer & Business Builder

Joined Bricks early on based on the amazing early version promise, speed of builder and resulting sites and of course the fantastic support. Despite a phenomenal rate of progress with new features and improvements, including some well handled big changes, the builder has remained fast and reasonably easy to use. Love it.

Alan JacobsAll round dogsbody, GoldrushWebDesign

I've tried them all and hands down I found Bricks to be the best website builder for professional WordPress designers and developers.

TomeSilverStrike Consulting Inc.

I like Bricks because Bricks doesn't write code unnecessarily, unlike many other pagebuilders. With the dynamic tags, Bricks offers many possibilities that cannot be realized with other page builders or only with many detours.

Christoph Purin CEO
Christoph PurinCEO

Bricks enables my agency to deliver beautiful, high-performing, and accessible websites that earn business for my clients.

Bret Carmichael Chief Creative
Bret CarmichaelChief Creative, LEAP WORKS

I do my job better, faster, and with more fun. It's just a great game to play.

Claudio "kappesante" Nanni

Bricks is powerful, yet discreet. If you care about flexibility, clean code and good practices, Bricks is all you need. Whatever you are building, Bricks never gets in the way, but instead encourages you to be better. For me, Bricks give me all the functionality I usually need with an optimal workflow based on classes. Bravo Bricks!!

Isaura Web designer and CSS lover at Knüt Studio
IsauraWeb designer and CSS lover, Knüt Studio

Bricks helps me create high-quality websites for my clients that perform well. When they are happy, I'm happy!

Raimo Karhunen I run GRMacGeek
Raimo KarhunenFounder, GRMacGeek

Bricks lets you build custom websites fast and with confidence, while focusing on performance and flexibility. It also has advanced features that cater to both web designers and developers.

Steven Freelancer at (Link to

Its amazingly fast, very customizable and truely dynamic.

Abdul WahabDeveloper, Itechtics

It's hard to pin down any single event or experience. The sheer speed and ease of use: the way building websites becomes a breeze with this builder. The developer-friendliness and proximity to actual HTML and CSS (almost no abstraction layers like builder-specific terminology). This whole thing is seriously a revelation.

Matt Eastwood Freelancer at Brand Artery
Matt EastwoodFreelancer, Brand Artery

Bricks always strives to be as perfect as possible, you see that with every update they release

Christoph SanzCTO, Computer Sanz

Bricks is like Webflow on WordPress!

Martin SauterHead of Consulting, Metoki GmbH

Bricks has been a great tool for building websites and landing pages. I have a few Bricks templates set up which allows me to build some of the main products I make very quickly. to Thomas and the team, great work

Solomon Antonell Owner - Thumb Print Media Inc.
Solomon AntonellOwner, Thumb Print Media Inc.

Bricks is the most mature of the current WordPress based builders with a strong vision and progress towards the future.

jmcbade Organization IT/Media/Technology Administrator
jmcbadeOrganization IT/Media/Technology Administrator

Bricks gave me a new view of how Page Builders can be flexible, and you don't stick in their functionalities and have to get plugins to compensate for that.

Bricks is amazing in terms of speed optimization, clean code and easy to use page builder.


Bricks Builder has a great interface for building websites. It's a tool that keeps getting better.

Steven Owner
StevenOwner, Song Han Collective

Discovering the filters for Bricks elements settings was an absolute game changer. I used this filter to enhance the color assignments for text, links, icons, including hover, etc.. combined with variables, this does speed up my workflow by around 30%.


Bricks is super fast like a Bugatti – a powerful yet easy-to-use page builder with SEO in mind. It definitely can skyrocket your business.


Push your limits further with Bricks Builder: you'll be amazed at the speed of the workflow and the end product...all without breaking the bank!

Nat AilingWeb Freelancer

Easy to learn and use right out of the box. Lightweight and powerful, I said no more pre-made (cumbersome) templates. I enjoy building everything from small projects to everything else.

Giuseppe EWPWeb dev Front-End

Bricks is the builder I have been waiting for all my career. Bricks is the future for creating scalable websites in WordPress. I have been a developer for many years and tried most tech stacks to build complex sites. Bricks saves me time and adds value to my clients needs.

Forty Miles West Founder
Forty Miles WestFounder

Bricks are not only a useful tool, but it has encouraged me to learn CSS and HTML which has made my website-building experience better and faster.

David WatkinsCinematographer

Bricks is currently the WordPress builder that other builders should strive to mimic. You can build anything with it and have great performance as part of the result.

Scott MaconPresident, Web Active LLC

Bricks is the first builder that got me excited about learning WordPress development, rather than trying everything it could to "re-skin" or escape what WordPress is meant to be. While there is a bit of a learning curve, it's nothing new if you are serious about building custom, yet performative websites for yourself and for your clients.

Being able to style elements using classes (in a visual way) is new to me and I'll never look back. It's easier to maintain, scale, and keep a consistent design.

Paige Coulier Spiderless Web
Paige CoulierWeb Designer/Developer, Spiderless Web

The versatility and autonomy that Bricks Builder gives me to implement any element is truly amazing, and the websites we generate are now noticeably more optimized and faster.

Mauricio Correa Technology development manager - Rivillas Marketing Digital
Mauricio CorreaTechnology development manager, Rivillas Marketing Digital

Bricks has really helped me to grow my skills, it’s simple to start using, but, gives you the freedom to expand beyond the basics. The community of Bricks is a great group of developers to help everyone grow.

Kenneth Mundell Website Manager - Stripes R Us
Kenneth MundellWebsite Manager, Stripes R Us

I love the power and simplicity of Bricks. I can build absolutely anything my clients need, and I can do it quickly.

Noelle Anderson Digital Architect
Noelle AndersonDigital Architect, Sage Nine Creative

Bricks made me a better WordPress power user, developer, and designer and enabled me to make my existing client websites more performant, accessible, scalable, and maintainable.

Kolahn GarciaCEO, zCoda

Fast, futuristic, best value for money.

fuad syawal owner
Fuad Syawal

For me, Bricks Builder is the best visual builder for WP with a fast and most usable editor interface. The first editor that results in frontend loading times under 1 second.

Andrew K.Freelancer

The design aspect of creating a website has become a pleasure since I started using Bricks. My coding skills have improved, and my overall satisfaction, whether mine or my clients', is superb. I also sleep better knowing that my websites built with Bricks won't crash on a Sunday morning.

Darius Zak Freelance Web Designer
Darius ZakFreelance Web Designer

Bricks is the best Wordpress builder that I have used. It's fast, well designed and produces great code.

Weldon Hostetler Owner of Hostetler Web Design
Weldon HostetlerOwner, Hostetler Web Design

The Bricks team is even more responsive than the sites built with Bricks! Every request for help has been looked after and problems solved within 24 hours. Chapeau!

Eljay Bos Eljay Bos WebDesign / founder
Eljay BosFounder, Eljay Bos WebDesign

Light, flexible, stable & brilliant support. Bricks was the perfect solution for our company, as we needed something as light and flexible as custom coding, but with the development speed of a page builder.

Wernich Kay UX Developer
Wernich KayUX Developer

Bricks is an amazing page builder. It has everything you need to build fast and reliable websites of any kind.

Mike Owner

Bricks Builder has leveled up our Wordpress template services. Its intuitive interface and diverse elements make develop Wordpress sites a breeze. From stunning layouts to fluid responsiveness, it's definetly a game-changer. Crafting Wordpress websites for our customers make every day a little party.

Jan Karel Broer Owner Brovisuals
Jan Karel BroerOwner, Brovisuals

Bricks made me learn more HTML/CSS because I try to refuse most of the ready elements. I try to build everything myself. Bricks allows me to do so because it provides me with the most important elements. Section, Container, and div/block. In combination with tutorials from kevin geary this made me a webdesigner.

Marcel General Manager at Minkenberg
MarcelGeneral Manager, Minkenberg

Bricks gives you an almost Webflow-like experience with WordPress. It just works for me.

Farhan Developer & Educator
FarhanDeveloper & Educator

Made the switch to Bricks when the future of Oxygen wasn't clear and never looked back. I thank Oxygen for urging me to make the switch because it wasn't easy, but I couldn't be happier now!

Dave B Agency Owner
Dave BAgency Owner

Our agency has been using Bricks for almost 2 years now. Since then, our way of working has changed dramatically. Projects are implemented faster, and we can respond much more flexibly to customer requests. We are convinced of Bricks!

Philipp Vavra Owner
Philipp VavraOwner

Bricks is a great professional builder that gives me the ability to create anything I want and still have full control. Bricks outputs clean semantic code, which helps ensure great page speed. Overall it is a great tool and easy for me to use.

Jason EugeneFreelancer

I really wasn't sure at first that bricks was really a good tool. I didn't know how wrong I was about it, it really is one of the best tools in the world of web design and development. I am very happy to have joined this community!

Smith Benites CEO Estudio Amber
Smith BenitesCEO, Estudio Amber

Bricks have helped propel my freelance career by helping me eliminate the headaches of building pages by providing me with a page builder that is super easy, smooth, and easy to use. Using Bricks consistently has provided me with structured SOP reuse throughout my client's projects.

Alfian Founder
AlfianFounder, Nayfla

The only page builder out there that balances non-tech-savvy users, power users, and developers' expectations. Clean code, low footprint output, clear documentation, and a great developers team listening to users' feedback.

Adame Dahmani Web performance expert
Adame DahmaniWeb performance expert

Bricks genuinely cares about his community, keeps it non-toxic, and develops what the user really needs.

Gustavo O. Consultor SEO
Gustavo O.Consultor SEO

As a marketer, I can finally build stunning, high-performing websites without coding, allowing me to focus on growth rather than technique.

Thomas Rouaud Growth marketer for Lausanne Marketing
Thomas RouaudGrowth marketer, Lausanne Marketing

Migrating our clients from Elementor to Bricks has improved performance. Amazingly easy to work with. Our first 10 clients we migrated from Elementor took less than 30 days.

Cyrus Director

I went from working with Divi Theme to Bricks and the change in the more invisible parts (and often more important parts) of the website is dramatic. Semantic HTML is greatly improved, and that helps tremendously with accessibility and SEO. Not to mention, creating layouts is vastly superior on Bricks than on Divi. I find myself swearing a lot less during development.

Dawson Woods Manager at Divan bleu inc.
Dawson WoodsManager, Divan bleu inc.

It gave me everything I needed as a web designer/developer.

Claudius A. Founder
Claudius A.Founder,

Bricks change my web life. I could always code CSS/HTML but felt too limited, frustrated, and confused with other builders. I thought it was me, but actually, it was just my builder. Bricks made me excited again.


Bricks is a builder focused on performance. It allows you to have a sustainable workflow and essential flexibility.

Jonathan Moreno CEO iLab Sistemas & Web
Jonathan MorenoCEO, iLab Sistemas & Web

Bricks have proven to be ten times faster than other website builders, and all of my builds have achieved top-notch performance. The user interface is sleek, easy to navigate, and its CSS rules are semantically accurate.

Bricks has been an absolute breath of fresh air! We've become 5x more productive, profitable, and able to build sites that rival most on the market! We love our new tech stack and home with Bricks.

Rhett Butler Founder
Rhett ButlerFounder, Frankly Design Co.

I am new to Bricks, but so far the user experience has been excellent and the frontend code generated by Bricks looks very clean. Quite impressive. I used to be a page-builder hater, but Bricks is in another league.

My agency started using Bricks about 1 year ago in an attempt to find a better way of building sites that allowed us to build truly custom layouts, not just drag-n-drop mashups! When we discovered Bricks Builder it was a breath of fresh air that gave our entire agency a new excitement for design and development!

Chris GillPresident & CEO

The fastest website builder I came across. It is a joy to work with Bricks Builder. The possibilities are endless. Love it.

Tobias HolzleitnerFounder,

It simply makes development faster with better and more consistent results.

Mike I own mjoe.dsgn
MikeOwner, mjoe.dsgn

Bricks is pushing me to a whole new level. I finally have the freedom to build websites I have long sought and not found. Now, websites are beautiful and fast at the same time.

Sebastian GerlaTeacher

I have tried and tested many different page builders over the years. Bricks is by far the most full-featured and easy to use while providing the necessary features, tools, and flexibility professionals require.

Craig Hines Owner and Part-time Evil Genius at Dark Imaginings
Craig HinesOwner and Part-time Evil Genius, Dark Imaginings

Elementor was my initial choice as it is everywhere, but as soon as I found Bricks, I switched, and it really helped me to understand HTML and CSS, as it is really clean.

Jakub Vokoun student
Jakub VokounStudent

Bricks builder is on another level, it has no theme or builder that makes a professional website that beats performance, accessibility, best practices and SEO at 100% without plugins. Hardly anyone who uses Bricks for 1 week would use another page builder.

Thiago Alberto de SouzaFront End Developer

I like that Bricks works with cutting edge web standards while it stays logical and easy to understand.


Really fast from one site per week to one site per day.

Javier Web developer in Gema Digital
JavierWeb developer, Gema Digital

Bricks is awesome! It gives total freedom to power users with a super clean code output. And at the same time, it’s super simple for client content editing. Love it!

Laurent Gaulhiac (full agency website released by the end of the month)

We've used Bricks for our new builds, and it has been a great experience for us and the clients. It's quite superior to the other premium page builders available. The resulting sites are super fast, and it's very easy to customize and extend. Go for it!

Serafín Danessa Founder |
Serafín DanessaFounder,

I was about to totally give up on using Page Builders with WordPress, but then I found Bricks. Never again without!

Daniele De Rosa Developer – Bricksforge
Daniele De RosaDeveloper, Bricksforge

I purchased the starter edition, did some testing, and upgraded to the Ultimate license a week later. I was sold, and even though rebuilding client websites with the early release versions was challenging; - I managed to impress the client with a sparkling new responsive website without sacrificing Google rankings.

Dale DonnollySEO Specialist, Koala Design

The more I work with Bricks, the happier I am to have left all the other builders. Keep the great work!

Asterios Georgiou Kölner Musikakademie
Asterios GeorgiouKölner Musikakademie

It's everything I was always looking for in a WordPress page builder. Flexibility for custom designs and amazing page speed. Perfect for designers who know their way around CSS.

Wolfgang Stefani Freelance Webdesigner at
Wolfgang StefaniFreelance Webdesigner,

This is the most promising builder: I came for the builder's performance, stayed for the design and capabilities, and fell in love with the constant updates and public roadmaps.

Rafa DomínguezCEO, Minato Studio

Elementor's non-standard and often inefficient ways of doing things frustrated me, so I switched to Bricks. I love Bricks's flexibility to utilize web standards within a friendly low/no-code interface. This allows me to create scalable, maintainable, accessible, and optimized sites — saving me time, and my customers love the results.

Adam E. Hunt Partner
Adam E. HuntPartner, Spectrolite Studio

Bricks Builder gave me the opportunity to set up our company website without having to worry about coding or hiring a company. Bricks Builder is truly an amazing page builder that continuously evolves.

HawalServiceportalen AB

If you are comfortable with Elementor, you will be very happy with Bricks. I am a novice coder.

Jennifer Ward CEO
Jennifer Ward

Bricks Builder is like that perfect cup of coffee on a Monday morning - it just makes everything better. Life is too short for slow page builders and bad coffee.

Ingo Rahn I recently joined Zanthii Communications as a Web Developer (but don't link to their current website as I didn't build it
Ingo RahnWeb Developer, Zanthii Communications

Bricks makes it easy for new and experienced users to built websites with the highest performance and accessibility standards!

Brian van der Spa Spa Style
Brian van der SpaSpa Style

I love to design and build efficient and optimized sites. Bricks has brought the joy back into using a page-builder.

Simon Clay Managing Director - Sly Design Ltd
Simon ClayManaging Director, Sly Design Ltd

With Bricks, I've significantly improved the metrics on GTmetrix and PageSpeed Insights compared to Elementor. Additionally, my TTFB times are much lower. Its class-based structure and developer-oriented features provide flexibility and efficiency unmatched by any other builder on the market.

Felipe Molina Position: Founder and CEO Company: - Development and Marketing
Felipe MolinaFounder and CEO,

A game-changing WordPress website builder focusing on performance, scalability, and accessibility. I could no longer develop a website without it. Just try it, you won't come back!

Francesco Lastrucci Web Designer & E-commerce Specialist @ Midable Digital Agency
Francesco LastrucciWeb Designer & E-commerce Specialist, Midable Digital Agency

I love the company ethos, personal touch and dedication. This is a human product in an inhuman world.

Heather Wattsartist

Because of Bricks, I now get more customers who see the value of a website with a good performance.


We moved to Bricks Builder from Elementor, Oxygen, and Zion and never looked back! We will use Bricks Builder on every website we build in the foreseeable future. Their help and support are fantastic and always timely. The team assists us with any issues we encounter. We couldn't be happier.

Scott - IAMGDevOps Engineer and Project Specialist

Brick's intuitive layout, fast-performing builder, and access to almost any CSS property you may want to change makes it the perfect builder for both beginners and seasoned WordPress pros.

Michael RaimondiOwner, MultiCoastMedia

Probably the only builder that doesn't treat it's customers as idiots and gives you the flexibility you need as a professional. Fast backend, clean code in the frontend and lots of advanced features.

Maks FischerFischer Concepts

A builder made by professionals for professionals. A step further in wordpress web development.

Víctor Maderal Cuevas CEO
Víctor Maderal CuevasCEO

Bricks Builder remains dedicated to improvement and user satisfaction, earning more users without arrogance. Their receptiveness to user feedback is invaluable. Despite having multiple site builders, I consistently choose Bricks Builder for my new websites, as others still can't match its quality.

Bricks Builder: Fast, flexible, and feature-rich. Bricks Builder has redefined my approach to web development. Its speed and customizable features make it a standout choice. The bloat-free nature keeps projects efficient, and the array of dynamic possibilities adds a layer of innovation that sets it apart. A must for professional developers.

I have used a lot of page builders without need to say the name but Bricks is really awesome, smarter, and more advance. I am very happy been in bricks community.

Bricks Builder has been instrumental in helping my agency grow exponentially. With its all-in-one tools, we are able to deliver high-performing websites without the need for multiple plugins and tools. It's a game-changer for our workflow and has significantly streamlined our development process.

Bricks Builder is our primary theme and site builder for WordPress because it lets us build scalable and maintainable websites. It has the core HTML elements needed to develop professional websites. It supports CSS classes and has the best query loop on WordPress.

Best developer-friendly WordPress Builder.

What truly sets Bricks apart is its forward-thinking approach. It's not just a page builder; it's an embodiment of the future of visual development on websites.

The combination of performance, flexibility, and ease of use has taken my projects to a new level of excellence. The clean code it generates, and high-quality support make it an indispensable tool for any web professional. 100% recommended.

Bricks emerged with so much hype, and it did not only live up to it – it surpassed it tremendously.

Azur Avdic

This is by far the most impressive page builder—super-easy to use and understand.

Jovanni Basilisco headshot
Jovanni Basilisco

I feel Bricks in its current state offers more design options than Elementor Pro. I normally have to use a 3rd party plugin to push the design controls to the next level.

Thank you very much for your hard work. For me, Bricks is the best. I tried all of them, from Elementor to Oxygen, Brizy, and so on, but what I like about Bricks: it's a fast and intuitive builder, produces clean code, and loads super fast (front- and backend).

Peter Hrnciar Headshot
Peter Hrnčiar