A collage of colorful images along a section condition settings screenshot.
Element Conditions

Personalize your content

Restrict or personalize any element on your website based on criteria like posts, users, date/time, or even dynamic data. Finetune the user experience, reduce any clutter, and increase template flexibility.

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Condition Relations

Fine-tuned content display

Check if multiple conditions are met using “and” conditions, extend them via “or” conditions, or mix both approaches for truly limitless conditional logic.

A screenshpot of the condition-relations interface that connects two conditions with "and" or "or".
add_filter( 'bricks/conditions/groups', function( $groups ) {
  $groups[] = [
   	'name'  => 'my_conditions',
   	'label' => esc_html__( 'My conditions', 'my-plugin' ),

  return $groups;
} );
Developer API

Element Conditions API

Programmatically add new conditions to the builder through the Element Conditions API. Expand its capabilities by adding your own condition keys, comparison operands, and values. Customizing the conditions interface to suit your specific needs.

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