The latest software update introduces several enhancements and fixes. New features include color and size settings for the “Remove from cart” icon in the Woo Cart Items element and the automatic addition of “aria-label” to links in Social Share for better accessibility.

Improvements include an auto-update of @font-face rules in Custom Fonts when viewing or editing in the wp-admin area and renaming options in Shape Divider for clearer understanding.

Fixes address issues in WooCommerce Product Gallery, Carousel, Lightbox Video, background video scaling, dynamic data tags, links with anchor tags, form file upload validation, rendering in Taxonomy element, editing locked global classes, media upload interface, and dynamic data tags in contenteditable areas.

Full changelog

  • Woo Cart Items element: “Remove from cart” icon color & size settingsNew
  • Social Share: Automatically add “aria-label” to links (accessibility)New
  • Custom fonts: Automatically update @font-face rules whenever viewing/editing a custom font in wp-admin areaImprove
  • Shape Divider: Rename “Flip horizontal” & “Flip vertical” to “Flip x-axis” & “Flip y-axis”Improve
  • WooCommerce Product Gallery: Lightbox (Photoswipe 5)Fix
  • Carousel: Lightbox not working with “Adaptive height” enabledFix
  • Lightbox Video: Media file autoplay in background and unable to pauseFix
  • Background video scale for local videosFix
  • Dynamic data tag that contains a link disappears on the canvasFix
  • Link with anchor tag not working if Interaction with “click” trigger is set on an outer element (e.preventDefault)Fix
  • Form file upload with required does not pass validationFix
  • Taxonomy element: “Separator” renders ul without liFix
  • Locked global class selected: Theme styles are not editableFix
  • Media Upload: Bricks textarea style effects the upload screenFix
  • Multiple dynamic data tags in contenteditable: Only the last DD tag is rendered on the canvasFix
  • Theme style “Link” overwrites Icon Box icon color with a link if Post Content element with “Bricks” source used as templateFix
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