Today we bring you a very WooCommerce-driven update. With the addition of the new WooCommerce Account builder, you can now create & design your entire WooCommerce store with Bricks! 🔥

But Bricks 1.9 contains so many more new features …

Here are just a few of the highlights:

Let’s explore the highlights together …

Full changelog

  • Background Blend ModeNew
  • Polylang CompatibilityNew
  • WooCommerce: Product Gallery Thumbnail PositionNew
  • WooCommerce: Account BuilderNew
  • WooCommerce: Product Gallery Thumbnail SliderNew
  • Page settings: Disable lazy loadNew
  • Popup: New “Show at breakpoint” popup settingNew
  • Aspect-ratio, isolation, mix-blend-mode, pointer-events (Style > Layout)New
  • WooCommerce: Various new AJAX add to cart settingsNew
  • WooCommerce: Support “AJAX add to cart” for looping productsNew
  • New DD tag: site_logoutNew
  • AJAX Loader for infinite scroll, load more, AJAX pagination (plus new interactions)New
  • Builder settings: Update dynamic data description to avoid confusionImprove
  • Layout elements: Only add “href” if HTML tag is set to “a”Improve
  • Pagination element: Make icons accessibleImprove
  • Meta Box: Datetime field supports DD datetime filterImprove
  • Popup: Auto-close popup on anchor link click (if target is outside of popup)Improve
  • Tabs & accordions: Expand item on anchor link clickImprove
  • Table of Content: Support multiple instances & keep default IDsImprove
  • Builder: Keep nested accordion/slider element panel open after deleting repeater itemFix
  • Carousel: Keyboard control interferes with regular scrolling when using page up / down keysFix
  • Comments: Missing link styles (from theme styles)Fix
  • Dropdown: Item has wrong display value (in builder)Fix
  • Comments: Missing “approval needed” message after submitting a post commentFix
  • Header: Slide up + Mini Cart/Search (Icon) causes horizontal scrollbarFix
  • Image mask: Support DD & external image URLFix
  • Loop with custom tag doesn’t show on the canvasFix
  • Loop: Using ACF fields within an ACF post object loop generates errorFix
  • Mega menu: Positioning issues on large screens when using boxed layoutsFix
  • Megamenu: 1px gap to the rightFix
  • Meta Box: Group date field as timestamp renders current dateFix
  • Meta Box: WYSIWYG field iframe “title” attribute not addedFix
  • Nav menu: Scrolling text color & transition not applied to items with subitemsFix
  • Nav nestable: Fix “aria-current” for archive pagesFix
  • Nav nestable: Border stylesFix
  • Nav nestable: Nested mega menu wrong positionFix
  • Pods: DD “value” filter not working for custom defined listsFix
  • Pricing table: WYSIWYG & text area ACF fields not rendered as a listFix
  • Specific background image URL not working because escaped incorrectlyFix
  • Templates: 404 error template produces deprecation warnings (in PHP 8.1)Fix
  • Theme Styles: “All headings” styles not correctly applied in builderFix
  • Theme Styles: Button “Default” border & box-shadow styles should apply to all button stylesFix
  • RTL: Reversed panel resizeFix
  • WooCommerce: Notice element not showing after add to cartFix
  • RTL: Datepicker styles in builderFix
  • Builder: Overflow in “Typography” theme style section (due to long tooltip)Fix
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