A quick, but solid update after last week’s Bricks 1.8.5 💪

Custom Shape Dividers

Bricks now supports custom shape dividers. You can select any SVG from your media library and customize it like any of the shapes included in Bricks core.

Note: Requires enabling SVG uploads in Bricks.

Open specific accordion or tab via anchor link

Automatically scroll to & open a specific accordion item or tab (both simple & nestable) by setting a custom id on the accordion or tab.

A good use case would be using the nestable tabs element, where one tab holds the “Register” form and the other tab the “Login” form.

Just set a custom id on the Div elements inside the “Tab menu,” as shown in the screenshot below.

When the user clicks the “Login” tab, and the login fails and requires a page reload, Bricks automatically scrolls to the #login tab and opens it.

Full changelog

  • Custom Shape Dividers (SVGs)New
  • Builder: “Edit template” button in panel & context menuNew
  • Builder setting: Disable auto-expanding (Text editor, Code)New
  • Query Loop: Support ACF Posts ObjectNew
  • Accordions & Tabs (simple & nestable): Open item through anchor IDNew
  • Nav Menu: Mobile menu “Background” & “Background (active)” setting for top level & sub menu itemsNew
  • Form: New “Language” setting for “Date” form fieldNew
  • Search element: New “aria-label” button settingNew
  • Dynamic data: automatically outputs trailing dots (…) as neededImprove
  • Text Link: Don’t render text if emptyImprove
  • Image: Support SVG files as “Sources”Improve
  • Builder: Tooltip auto-lengthImprove
  • Image: Always uses “picture” tagFix
  • “Edit with bricks” button not displayed in Gutenberg on wordpress.com installationsFix
  • Shape Divider: Setting can’t be cleared when a class is selectedFix
  • Header: Scrolling text color does not get applied to menu items with childrenFix
  • Background video: Vimeo doesn’t loop (when start or end time is not set)Fix
  • Cart loop: not showing if it is a variation product and no specific image set (in builder)Fix
  • Nestabled tabs inside nestable tabs not workingFix
  • Gutenberg: Align “wide”, and “full” CSS fixFix
  • WooCommerce 8.0: Empty cart template not showing after removing cart itemsFix
  • Add to cart: Quantity & button width on a class (wrong selector)Fix
  • Mini Cart: Cart count/icon styles set on a class not appliedFix
  • WebP Express plugin: Prevented builder from loadingFix
  • Weglot plugin: Builder not loading (requires Weglot filter)Fix
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