Spice up your blog with some new elements. Apply image masks. Take your responsive images to the next level. Set a fallback image. Optimize your background videos for mobile devices.

This release has it all.

Full changelog

  • Reading Progress Bar, Reading Time and Table of ContentsNew
  • Set Fallback Image (via Image “Sources” setting)New
  • Don’t load background video on smaller breakpointsNew
  • Image MaskNew
  • Image element: New “Sources” setting to set images per breakpointNew
  • Background video: New setting for start time, end time, play once, show at breakpointNew
  • Video element: Poster setting (locally hosted videos)New
  • Nestable slider: Background & border settings (for individual slide)New
  • Nestable slider: Disabled arrow stylesNew
  • Nestable slider: Arrows text shadow settingNew
  • Nestable slider & Slider: “Fade” option not working with “Items to show” set to 2+Fix
  • Nav nestable: Top-level border CSS selectors with active submenuFix
  • Breadcrumbs: Parent / child relationships not reflecting correctlyFix
  • Image gallery: PHP error if no image is selected, but “size” and link to “lightbox” setFix
  • Countdown: Non-latin characters (Cyrillic, Chinese) not rendered properly in builderFix
  • Logo Element: Missing “width” and “height” when using SVGFix
  • Map: Unable to render map in the builder if address is in non-latin language (Arabic, Chinese)Fix
  • Rich Text: Custom color picker width (TinyMCE)Fix
  • Popup: “In”-animations not workingFix
  • Interaction opens multiple popups if more than one popup template is inside loopFix
  • Start animation only run onceFix
  • Animated Typing: Not working inside query loop nestable slider (past first slide)Fix
  • Not allowed: Infinite template loop: If current category ID has the same ID as the template ID it is rendered inFix
  • PHP error when opening the builder if certain dynamic data tags return non-string or non-arrayFix
  • Vimeo background video loads YouTube related markupFix
  • Locally hosted background video not playing on mobileFix
  • mejs-video player: Wrong icons (video inside Woo product description)Fix
  • Theme Styles: Button “light” color gets applied when linked to lightboxFix
  • WooCommerce: Google Pay and Apple Pay button not showing (in custom checkout template)Fix
  • WooCommerce: Theme Styles “Links” color not used in product contentFix
  • WooCommerce: AJAX add to cart: External/Affiliate product should be excludedFix
  • WooCommerce: Empty cart style not added if triggered by changing all quantities to zero and then clicking “Update cart”Fix
  • WooCommerce: Cart contents loop: First featured image dynamic data is empty (inside builder)Fix
  • WooCommerce: Mini cart: Fix “Visibility” placeholder and select option labelsFix
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