WPML Compatibility

We’ve been working together with the WPML team on compatibility with Bricks and are happy to announce that Bricks is now compatible with WPML, including WPML’s Advanced Translation Editor.

How to use WPML with Bricks: https://academy.bricksbuilder.io/article/how-to-use-wpml-with-bricks/

Query Editor (PHP)

You can now write your own custom queries (PHP) inside the Query Loop control. Dynamic data is also supported. Your code has to return a PHP array containing the WordPress query arguments you’d like to use for your query.

Documentation: https://academy.bricksbuilder.io/article/query-loop/#query-editor

More query additions

Query the “Current post author” inside your User queries, and take advantage of the new author_meta dynamic data tag to render any author metadata (https://academy.bricksbuilder.io/article/dynamic-data/#author).

There is a new query_results_count dynamic data tag to render the query results count. Both inside and outside your query loops. Learn how to use this new tag outside a loop by adding the query ID as the filter value to this new dynamic data tag: https://academy.bricksbuilder.io/article/dynamic-data/#query

The Pagination element now works with User and Term queries. There is also a new Bricks filter named bricks/query/result_max_num_pages for modifying the query results max number of pages.

Inject “Section” templates via hooks

Render your “Section” templates under any WordPress hook by setting the template condition to “Hook”, then paste the hook name under the “Hook name” input. Optionally, set a custom priority (default is 10).

Documentation: https://academy.bricksbuilder.io/article/an-intro-to-templates/#hook

New element: Instagram Feed

To further extend Bricks’ social capabilities, you can now show your Instagram Feed on your website. Make sure to follow our How to get your Instagram Access Token guide.

ACF: Nested groups support

Bricks now support nested groups in Advanced Custom Fields.

The dynamic data tags for nested ACF group fields must be inserted again! As we had to adjust the dynamic data tag for nested groups. The tags now include the group and nested group names.

Custom CSS: New “%root%” placeholder

Up until Bricks 1.9, you could use the root keyword as a placeholder for inserting the element ID or global class in your custom CSS (when editing an element). 

Bricks 1.9.1 introduces the more explicit %root% placeholder for your custom CSS. root is no longer supported as a custom CSS placeholder.

The new %root% placeholder syntax is much more explicit, powerful, and safe to use than the root syntax, which often interfered with your custom CSS in unexpected ways (when using “root” in a class name, etc.).

This change won’t affect on your existing custom CSS, as converting “root” to the element ID or class name happened on the fly in the builder.

The keyboard shortcut for inserting %root% is “r + TAB

Fix: Search plugin results were overwritten by Bricks query

When using a third-party plugin (FiboSearch, Relevanssi, etc.) or the pre_get_posts filter for your archive & search query results, make sure to check the “Is main query” setting inside your query loop!

Full changelog

  • WPML CompatibilityNew
  • Inject “Section” templates via hooksNew
  • New element: Instagram FeedNew
  • Query Loop: Query Editor (PHP)New
  • ACF: Support nested groups (open this entry for more details!)New
  • Query loop: New “Current post author” control (query type: User) and new dynamic data tag New
  • New dynamic data tag: 12 and avoid running queries multiple timesNew
  • Custom CSS: New “%root%” placeholder (“root” has been deprecated)New
  • Pagination element: Support for Users & Terms queries & new “bricks/query/result_max_num_pages” filterNew
  • Offcanvas: New “Close on” setting (backdrop click, ESC key press)New
  • Mega menu: New “CSS selector (vertical)” setting to adapt mega menu vertical position to custom target nodeNew
  • Slider elements: New “Transform” controls for previous & next arrowNew
  • Polylang Pro: Duplicate all Bricks data (postmeta) tooImprove
  • Builder: Insert new Section + SHIFT: Select inner container instead of sectionImprove
  • Progress Bar: Hide “Percentage typography” control when “Show percentage” is not enabledImprove
  • Progress Bar: Render “0%” instead of just “%” when dynamic data is emptyImprove
  • WooCommerce: Update template files for WooCommerce 8.1.0Improve
  • Builder: Custom CSS & Query loop doesn’t open from structure panel if interactions/conditions are openFix
  • Builder: Heading contenteditable inconsistency (builder vs. frontend)Fix
  • Builder: Switch between Contenteditables inserts text of first element in selected element (trackpad “tap to click”)Fix
  • Builder: Can’t manually expand the element panel (when auto-expand is disabled in Bricks settings)Fix
  • Dynamic data: “echo” tag with arguments and space after comma (space is captured as argument value)Fix
  • Builder: Dynamic data tags not rendered on the canvas for every elementFix
  • Infinite scroll: Author dynamic data tags not rendered after scrollFix
  • Builder: Page settings “root” keyword gets replaced with brxe- element IDFix
  • Query loop: “Is main query” not working if located inside a nested templateFix
  • Query loop: “Media” + other post type excludes attachments from query resultsFix
  • Nestable slider: “Auto height” setting not working (beware of possible CLS)Fix
  • Theme Styles: Issue when using multiple theme styles with identical valuesFix
  • Search plugin results overwritten by Bricks queryFix
  • WooCommerce: Shop page missing dynamic data background imageFix
  • WooCommerce: {woo_product_stock:value} does not correctly return negative values (backorder)Fix
  • WooCommerce: Click on product tab titles causes Bricks accordion inside tab content (added via Bricks template) to toggleFix
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