Bricks 1.9.4 introduces several new features and improvements. Key additions include:

You can now utilize a new popup setting for display on specific breakpoints and create or select template tags directly in the builder when creating/saving a new template.

Enhanced gradient options for conic and radial gradients are available, along with a new filter for modifying image size options (bricks/builder/image_size_options). Scroll snap now includes an “unset” option to disable scroll snap on specific breakpoints.

Language codes are automatically shown for pages in the builder when using WMPL & Polylang. Custom Login Page now supports the “redirect_to” URL parameter.

Improvements focus on functionality enhancements like hiding the ‘Load More’ button in the Query loop when there are no results, improved WPML and Template element translations.

Full changelog

  • Maintenance ModeNew
  • Unlimited Remote Template URLsNew
  • Popup render via AJAXNew
  • Popup: New “Display on breakpoints” popup settingNew
  • Create & select template tags when creating a template in the builderNew
  • Gradient: New conic and radial gradient settings (shape, position, size, angle)New
  • New filter: bricks/builder/image_size_options (to modify image size options in the builder)New
  • Scroll snap: Add “unset” option (to disable scroll snap on specific breakpoint)New
  • WMPL & Polylang: Add language code to post title (in builder panel)New
  • Mini Cart element: New setting “Don’t close on click outside mini cart”New
  • Custom Authentication Pages: Access default WP login page via URL param “brx_use_wp_login”New
  • Custom Login Page: Support “redirect_to” URL parameterImprove
  • Load more (Query loop): Hide button when there are no resultsImprove
  • WPML & Template element: Use the translated “Template” elementImprove
  • Adobe Fonts: Use CSS names instead of font slugFix
  • Condition: “is not” always returns true when comparing against post status (multi-select)Fix
  • Copy & paste all elements breaks the structure (in specific instance)Fix
  • Counter element: Duration not working correct if count number is very smallFix
  • Custom Fonts (admin screen): PHP 8 error with Japanese languageFix
  • Dynamic data: “echo” function not rendering with non-roman character argumentsFix
  • Dropdown: ::before gets added on mobileFix
  • Element classes dropdown: Unable to open the dropdownFix
  • Form element: Loading spinner doesn’t show without an icon setFix
  • Form element: Reset password action hidden fields not removedFix
  • JetEngine: Posts field in the query loop returns empty resultFix
  • Nestable Accordion + Infinite scroll or Load more: JavaScript of fetched item not reinitialisedFix
  • CMB and Pods: PHP errorFix
  • Page Settings: Footer scripts were not save (with Bricks settings “auto-expand panel” enabled)Fix
  • Pie Chart element: Support use of CSS variable colorsFix
  • Polylang: Use the correct language-specific search templateFix
  • Polylang: Media translation issue (with Carousel)Fix
  • Posts element: Grid columns breaking (sometimes)Fix
  • Reading Progress Bar element: Styling issue on Safari desktop/iOSFix
  • Related Posts element: “Max. related posts” is not 3 (when using default single post template)Fix
  • Settings injected via bricks/element/settings hook not being used by Carousel or Related PostsFix
  • Page settings not applied for post status draftFix
  • Spanish translation: Wrong hCaptcha notice labelFix
  • Theme update: Missing CSS if element with same custom CSS “id” used on different pageFix
  • WooCommerce: Products query settings not reflected on the canvasFix
  • WooCommerce: Undefined variable $order (Template: Pay)Fix
  • Heading & Basic text element: “0” is not renderedFix
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