The latest update introduces several noteworthy new features and improvements.

New Feature(s)

Scroll snap functionality has been added for better control over scrolling behavior.


Other key new features include the addition of conic and radial gradients, enhancing design versatility, and the ability to filter templates by type within Bricks > Templates, streamlining template management.

Significant enhancements in Dynamic Data include the introduction of new tags like “current_wp_date” and “author_archive_url,” along with a new “Current URL” element condition, expanding dynamic content capabilities.

The Slider element now features a new “Loop” control, and the Carousel or Related Posts element can now utilize “query_results_count” for enhanced functionality.

The Counter element has been upgraded with customizable thousand separators, new typography controls, and dynamic data support.


Improvements focus on user experience and system efficiency. Notably, the Bricks settings have been tweaked to ensure custom code uses a left-to-right direction, enhancing consistency. There’s also a server-side validation for MIME types in the Form element, increasing security.

The Mini Cart has been adjusted to better accommodate the wp-admin bar, and the Map element now loads map styles as needed, optimizing resource use.

Bug fixes

Additionally, the update brings several bug fixes, with the most crucial being compatibility fixes for WordPress 6.4+, including resolving an admin bar margin issue and a PHP error on the “System Information” page, which are considered significant due to their impact on functionality and system stability.

Full changelog

  • Conic & Radial Gradients (plus repeating gradients)New
  • Bricks > Templates: Filter by template typeNew
  • Words limit: Basic & Rich Text elementNew
  • Scroll SnapNew
  • Dynamic Data: New “current_wp_date” tag to render current date according to WP timezone settingNew
  • Dynamic Data: New “author_archive_url” tagNew
  • Conditions: New “Current URL” element conditionNew
  • Slider element: New “Loop” controlNew
  • Support using “query_results_count” for Carousel or Related Posts elementNew
  • Counter element: Customisable thousand separator text; New “Typography” controls for prefix, counter, and suffix; Dynamic data supportNew
  • Bricks settings: Custom code should always use direction LTR (left-to-right)Improve
  • Exclude template conditions & populate content control groups from all My Account templatesImprove
  • Form element: Validate MIME types of all submitted files also server-sideImprove
  • Mini Cart: Adjust position of offcanvas cart details for wp-admin barImprove
  • Map element: Load map style as needed (instead of providing all on the window)Improve
  • Dynamic Data: Support date format filter for ACF time picker and Pods (date, datetime, and time), JetEngine (date, datetime)Improve
  • WPML: Exclude specific controls from translationImprove
  • WooCommerce Cart: Remove superfluous default stylesImprove
  • WordPress 6.4+: Admin bar margin issue in the builderFix
  • WordPress 6.4: Admin “System Information” page PHP errorFix
  • Bricks settings: Custom CSS with “xxxx” string not savedFix
  • Accordions & Tabs: Browser “Back” not working as expected (don’t add title toggle to browser history)Fix
  • Interaction “Scroll To” not working as expectedFix
  • ACF empty date field + date filter generates PHP deprecate error (PHP8.1)Fix
  • Dynamic Data: “human_time_diff” tag used UTC time zone instead of time zone set in WordPressFix
  • Form element: Checkbox Default “Value” not checked when using dynamic dataFix
  • Form element: “Required” file with custom “Name” generates error on form submissionFix
  • Form element: Submit loading spinner not aligned as iconFix
  • Icon List element: Transform on hover with link applied to wrong selectorFix
  • Instagram Feed element: Provide fallback if Carousel “media_url” doesn’t existFix
  • Nested Dropdown ::before messes with hover stateFix
  • Image Mask: Repeat control label typoFix
  • Posts element: Fix “Alignment” content builder labels in RTLFix
  • Product Reviews element: “Description” excess margin (in RTL)Fix
  • Social Sharing element: Not working in query loopsFix
  • Table of contents: Misplaced ::before borderFix
  • Form element: Action “Reset password” returns an errorFix
  • User with “Editor content” capability cannot edit text on the canvasFix
  • Conditions: Comparing against today’s date not working (use WP settings timezone)Fix
  • Search template not applied if another archive template targeting “posts” post type as wellFix
  • Offcanvas: Not closing after click on anchor link (target located outside offcanvas)Fix
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