This release focuses on tying up a lot of loose ends, third-party plugin compatibility issues, general bug fixes, and improvements. Plus, of course, a few new handy features.

Builder lag on complex pages

Users working on complex pages (plus a lot of global classes) often experienced a serious lag while editing in the builder. 1.7 comes with a completely overhauled logic of how the state of elements and classes in the builder is updated, which should remedy this sort of lag.

Due to the nature of this change, please inform us immediately (via email or the forum) if editing elements or global classes in the builder or using the undo/redo feature is causing any issues.

New experimental setting: Disable chaining element & global classes

When working with global classes on a Bricks element, the element class is chained to the global class like this

The reason for this default is to ensure a global class with styles defined on different elements does not cause any conflicts. This can occur as the CSS selector of a styling control is set on the control itself.

The possibility of this happening is rather low. But still, it is there, which is why we introduce this setting as an experiment first.

You can enable this setting under Bricks > Settings > Performance > Disable chaining element & global class.

Once enabled, global classes are output without the element class like my-global-class

This means you can use your global classes on non-Bricks elements too.

If the feedback is positive, the next step is to provide one global class CSS file (when using the external file CSS loading method) rather than loading those rules inline.

Prevent deleting all global classes by accident

This bug, despite multiple reports, we were never able to replicate.

1.7 addresses it by only updating the global classes in the database if not empty.

The only minor downside is that you’ll always have at least one class in the global class dropdown. You can always manually delete by removing the bricks_global_classes entry from the wp_options table.

Full changelog

  • New experimental setting: Disable chaining element & global classNew
  • New dynamic data tag: do_actionNew
  • New Query Loop Control: Disable query mergeNew
  • Dynamic data: Output value for {woo_product_rating:value} instead of the star ratingNew
  • Form element: Parse dynamic data in “Custom Redirect URL”New
  • Create multiple global classes at once (separated by space)New
  • Element Conditions: Support true/false as comparison valueNew
  • Prevent deleting all global classesNew
  • Query Loop: Change “Include children” control to a true/false dropdownNew
  • Minimize builder lag on complex pagesImprove
  • Form element: Flatpickr date input styled differently on mobileImprove
  • Product quantity input should dispatch input change eventImprove
  • Learndash: Automatically enqueue assets for course grid shortcode (ld_course_list) added in BricksImprove
  • Carousel: Remove “Size” option of Image control & add “Lightbox image size” settingImprove
  • Custom attribute: Output attribute value of “0“Improve
  • Icon with link: Apply custom attributes to link tag instead of iconImprove
  • Builder font-size control: Missing placeholder on lower breakpointsImprove
  • Updated for WooCommerce 7.4 (cart template, quantity input)Improve
  • Canvas with disabled scaling not centered on lower breakpointsFix
  • Builder: Breakpoint builder width precedes entered breakpoint widthFix
  • Rich text element: Updating content in canvas is not reflected in the left panel when typingFix
  • Canvas: Disappearing ChangesFix
  • Pricing Tables: Repeater styles not visible on canvas (mobile-first)Fix
  • Builder: Fix remember last selected global classFix
  • Builder: Console warnings about missing source map filesFix
  • Nestable Slider: Builder Access (“Edit content” rights)Fix
  • Background video on a global class not renderedFix
  • Bricks + Fluent formsFix
  • Builder: Image upload no longer works after inserting a templateFix
  • Image element: Image overlay option missing when global- or pseudo-class activeFix
  • Image gallery: Removing all images individually doesn’t properly clear setting (causes error in HappyFiles Gallery element)Fix
  • Builder: Image Gallery default gutter breaks masonry layoutFix
  • Image height 100% stretches image in CSS gridFix
  • Image: object-position setting partly visibleFix
  • Theme styles: Pricing tables overwritten by default styles (using external files)Fix
  • Theme Styles: WooCommerce button settings overridden on archive “add to cart” buttonFix
  • Theme Styles: Button outline style gets overriddenFix
  • Default CSS: Apply “width: auto” to input type “radio”Fix
  • Element Conditions: AND + OR bug between condition setsFix
  • Element conditions not applied to global elementsFix
  • WooCommerce Products Filter: Wrong settings for :hoverFix
  • Themify Icon Font: Some icons missing a letter in the HTML markupFix
  • Fluent Form preview output PHP Notice: Undefined indexFix
  • PHP Fatal Error: Object Cache + ACF + ACF Extended Pro (due to closure)Fix
  • ACF Repeater and Meta Box Group values are incorrect when inside a user custom query (PHP)Fix
  • Posts element: Apply gradient to custom “CSS selector”Fix
  • border-color added if only border-radius is setFix
  • Interactions: Animation fadeIn with different target applied opacity 0Fix
  • WPML: Render header/footer template of requested languageFix
  • Compatibility: Learndash filter causing quiz to render empty contentFix
  • Copy & paste global class styles: Custom CSS “root” replaced by the class name of copied styleFix
  • SVG element: SVG styling controls are not visible when editing a global classFix
  • Fix {woo_product_on_sale} positioningFix
  • Posts element: incorrect on archive pageFix
  • Query Loop in footer on product category archives is emptyFix
  • Autosave message appears even after manual saving changesFix
  • Divider element: Fix Icon alignment & Link heightFix
  • Popups & Interactions: Animation duration & Animation Delay don’t work correctly with *Out animationsFix
  • Rich Text: empty

    tags when using ACF field type “WYSIWYG”Fix

  • Builder: Disabled Header (with position left/right) still takes up width on canvasFix
  • Sticky Header slide up causes vertical scrollbar on WindowsFix
    All releases