This release, marking the start of the year, focuses on refining the user experience with a blend of improvements, bug fixes, and the introduction of new settings and dynamic data field types alongside improved third-party integrations.

Key Highlights:

  1. New Features:
    • Logo and Image elements now have settings for lazy or eager loading, enhancing page load performance.
    • Integration with ACPT (Advanced Custom Post Types) as a Dynamic Data Provider.
    • Support for ACF (Advanced Custom Fields) ‘Flexible Content’ Field Type and a new dynamic data tag "acf_get_row_layout".
    • Meta Box integration now includes support for the ‘Image Select’ Field Type.
    • The Excerpt element has a new “Keep formatting” setting alongside a "post_excerpt:format" filter to retain HTML formatting.
    • A new “Order by” setting in the Taxonomy element.
    • An additional “Show title” setting in the Image element.
  2. Improvements:
    • Addressed slower page load issues reported since version 1.5.7.
    • Enhanced CSS generation for borders and border-radius to create more compact shorthand syntax.
    • Improved parsing of Custom CSS to prevent style corruption.
  3. Bug Fixes:
    • Various fixes, including PHP error in searchform.php, lost classes due to browser back button, issues with CSS Grid, flickering in interactions, and undefined array key in Form element.
    • Resolved conflicts with the Yith WooCommerce Product add-on and issues with the Popup Template in the builder.
    • Fixed incorrect query builder behavior and non-responsive elements in WooCommerce.
    • Addressed issues with ACF post object field and sanitization errors in Dynamic Data fields.

The release aims to streamline the user experience, enhance compatibility with popular plugins like WooCommerce, ACF, and Meta Box, and ensure a more robust and efficient web-building process.

Full changelog

  • Frontend: Slower page load (since 1.5.7)Improve
  • Generate more compact border & border-radius shorthand syntaxImprove
  • Parse Custom CSS to prevent style corruptionImprove
  • PHP error in searchform.phpFix
  • Lost classes (browser back button issue)Fix
  • CSS Grid: Overlay icon missing & no grid item controls when styled on a global classFix
  • Interactions: Animation + content loaded “flickers”Fix
  • Interactions: Bug when using “Enter Viewport” & “Leave Viewport” togetherFix
  • PHP Warning: Undefined array key ‘mailchimpGroups’ (Form mailchimp action)Fix
  • Gradient/Overlay: Apply to “Background” breaks position: absolute (in builder)Fix
  • Form element: No action set with specific template conditionsFix
  • Theme Style: Form Field ‘Margin’ not appliedFix
  • Yith WooCommerce Product add-on causing builder cannot drag & dropFix
  • Popup Template: Add element via DnD to canvas not added to structure panelFix
  • Excerpt element in query loop on archive page shows archive description instead of post excerptFix
  • Query Builder: Include/exclude posts options always from post type “Posts”Fix
  • WooCommerce: Order overview is not responsiveFix
  • ACF post object field always returns current post title with a link (even when field is empty)Fix
  • DD {woo_add_to_cart} being sanitised causing “woocommerce_loop_add_to_cart_link” filter incompleteFix
  • DD JetEngine & Meta Box media or gallery field always returns post title when the field is emptyFix
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