CSS Grid Layout

You can now turn any layout element (section, container, block, div) into a CSS grid layout by setting the Display setting to grid.

Documentation: https://academy.bricksbuilder.io/article/css-grid-layout/

Full changelog

  • CSS Grid LayoutNew
  • Open “Mini Cart” after product is added to cartNew
  • Woocommerce: AJAX “Add to cart” button (single product)New
  • New DD tag: {woo_product_stock_status} (useful for element conditions)New
  • DD tag {woo_product_stock} supports ‘value’ filterNew
  • Page Settings > SEO: New “Document Title” settingNew
  • New setting: “Direction” under Style > Layout > Flex (for non-layout elements)New
  • Search element: Add overlay ‘Title tag’ settingNew
  • Search element: Add “for” attribute to form label (a11y)New
  • Video element: New iframe “title” settingNew
  • Remove background-color: transparent from “a” (normalizeCSS)Improve
  • WooCommerce: Related Product CSS problem with breakpointsFix
  • WooCommerce: Order Receipt template woocommerce_receipt_ action hook missingFix
  • WooCommerce classes on body tag all across the siteFix
  • WooCommerce: Products element has wrong aria-label on image linkFix
  • Sticky header: background-color transition missing .brxe-block selectorFix
  • Overlay/Gradient: Specificity issue with #id > *Fix
  • Popups & Interactions: JS console errorsFix
  • Popup A merged/added into popup B, etc.Fix
  • Missing Popup styles in paginated loopFix
  • Posts element: Initial load in builder incorrect styleFix
  • Posts element: Masonry layout empty on canvasFix
  • Video element: Dynamic data for Vimeo URL not renderedFix
  • Video element: Overlay image style not generated in query loop (frontend)Fix
  • Image Gallery: Caption positionFix
  • Icon SVG inherits CSS properties on all children causes unknown borderFix
  • Icon Box element: Theme style “Icon align” not used (external files)Fix
  • Map element: Big close image if jQuery not used on current pageFix
  • Custom CSS: “root” selector of inserted element gets overridden with ID of the original elementFix
  • Nestable Slider: Type “fade” selected, only the first slide is visibleFix
  • Sticky Header .slide-up causes content to jump upFix
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