This release introduces new features and improvements, primarily focused on enhancing WooCommerce functionality, along with addressing various bugs and usability issues.

  1. New Features:
    • Added alignment and image height settings for WooCommerce-related products.
    • Capability to parse dynamic data in the “External URL” field of the Image element.
    • A new dynamic data filter :value for more flexibility in element conditions.
  2. WooCommerce Enhancements:
    • Updated default WooCommerce templates for compatibility with WC 7.0.1.
    • Improved handling of product stock for variable products.
    • Enhanced responsiveness for the WooCommerce Cart.
    • Better handling of required fields in WooCommerce Checkout.
  3. Improved User Experience and Performance:
    • The “Code” element now skips code execution on builder load for better performance.
    • Optimized element conditions to prevent slow queries, especially get_users outside of the builder.
    • Enhanced error messaging for remote templates in the builder modal.
    • CSS files are now regenerated when saving a post in the WordPress editor.
  4. Bug Fixes:
    • Addressed issues with SwiperJS autoplay, pagination element hover styles, product pagination in single templates, and form element number inputs.
    • Fixed styling and functionality issues in the accordion, icon list, sticky header, and search results page.
    • Resolved problems with query loops, class name conflicts, PHP 8 errors, and nav menu color overrides.
    • Addressed multiple mini carts issues on a single page and missing CSS files for the WooCommerce Cart page and theme styles.

These updates aim to refine the overall user experience, particularly for those using WooCommerce, and to ensure smoother and more efficient operation of various elements and features within the platform.

Full changelog

  • Related products: Add settings for alignment & image heightNew
  • Remove custom admin_footer_textNew
  • Image: Parse dynamic data in the “External URL” fieldNew
  • New dynamic data filter “:value” (useful for certain dynamic data in element conditions)New
  • Update default WooCommerce templates (for WC 7.0.1)Improve
  • WooCommerce: Product Stock (element & DD tag) not working with variable productsImprove
  • WooCommerce Cart: Improve responsivenessImprove
  • WooCommerce Checkout: Required fieldsImprove
  • Code element: Skip code execution on builder loadImprove
  • Element conditions: get_users outside of builder caused slow queryImprove
  • Remote templates: Show error message in builder modalImprove
  • Regenerate CSS files when saving a post inside the WordPress editor as wellImprove
  • SwiperJS: Fix autoplay optionsFix
  • Nestable tabs: Duplicated tab title/pane doesn’t update on canvasFix
  • Pagination element: Hover styles apply to ‘ul’ instead of ‘a’Fix
  • Products Pagination element: Not showing when used inside of a single templateFix
  • Element conditions: Element always rendered on frontend when window was opened through “View on frontend” builder buttonFix
  • Form element: number input set to min=0 accepted negative numbersFix
  • Accordion / Icon List in template element within page template loses its default styles (external files)Fix
  • Accordion: Copying styles copies items as wellFix
  • Copy & Paste cross domain: Duplicated classesFix
  • Sticky Header: “slide up after” with unit (px) breaks the slide-upFix
  • Search results page + infinite scroll shows repeated resultsFix
  • Query Loop with custom function: Styles not correct (template preview & external files)Fix
  • bbpress class name conflict: “display: none” elements disappear from the structure panelFix
  • Post Content element: PHP 8 error generated by sprintf()Fix
  • Nav menu: Submenu color overrides active colorFix
  • Mobile menu issue with open submenuFix
  • Multiple mini carts on a page: First mini cart is always openedFix
  • WooCommerce Cart page: Template element CSS file not loadedFix
  • Theme Styles: Link styles not applied to WooCommerce elements (short description, etc.)Fix
  • Theme Styles: Form styles missing (external files)Fix
  • Theme Styles: “Related posts” had no controlsFix
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