Bricks 1.5.6 introduces a new CSS control property named “id” for enhanced styling flexibility. It also features an improved border-radius builder control, streamlining design customization. For a better user experience, Bricks admin messages will now only show for users with the manage_options capability.

Significant fixes include resolving issues with selecting SVG in Icon controls, ensuring class lock doesn’t affect element IDs, and fixing custom SVG icons in the Video element. The update addresses WooCommerce compatibility, particularly by making the Mini Cart scrollable and resolving errors in non-product queries.

Additionally, the release remedies various functional glitches like malfunctioning user role conditions, PHP notices in the Customizer when no menu items exist, and image height issues in the Related Posts element. Fixes also cover Infinite Scroll functionality on blogs/archives, form submission errors, missing default units in Letter Spacing, and incorrect CSS file paths in default templates. Lastly, the Nav Menu element now includes a new “Text align” setting for mobile menus.

Full changelog

  • New CSS control property: “id”New
  • Improved border-radius builder controlImprove
  • Bricks admin message: Show only for users with manage_options capabilityImprove
  • Icon/Icon List/Icon Box: Cannot select SVG (ControlPopup)Fix
  • Class lock locks element ID tooFix
  • Video element: Custom SVG icon doesn’t start the videoFix
  • WooCommerce: Mini Cart isn’t scrollableFix
  • Element conditions: “User role” condition not workingFix
  • Customizer: PHP notice if no menu items existFix
  • Related Posts element: Image height not working (external files)Fix
  • WooCommerce error when Bricks finds a possible query in the page but it is not a products queryFix
  • Infinite Scroll: Not working properly on blog/archivesFix
  • Form submit error: “No action” if form is on blog pageFix
  • Letter Spacing: Missing default unit (px)Fix
  • Bricks templates included search resultsFix
  • Nav Menu element: New “Text align” setting for mobile menuFix
  • Dynamic data: Separator in post terms not working: Fix
  • Double slash in default templates CSS file pathFix
  • Builder: Custom taxonomy dropdown option missingFix
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