This release comes with a good number of improvements in regard to performance, workflow, and third-party plugins.

New dynamic data in-builder settings:

You can now show the dynamic data label (e.g., “Post title”) and/or key (e.g., “post_title”) in the dynamic data dropdown. There is also a setting to auto-expand the builder panel when the dynamic data dropdown is visible (in the same way the code control already works).

This is super helpful when working with a lot of dynamic data.

The dynamic data search now looks not only for the label but also the key (e.g. acf_property_price).

Got a large site that is lagging? Try this …

Take advantage of the new “Disable WordPress custom fields in dropdown” setting. It’ll skip adding the WP custom fields to the dynamic data dropdown in the builder. Those custom fields (e.g. cf_my_custom_field) are still parsed normally. Especially on larger sites, it can result in saving a potentially large query.

Full changelog

  • Element Conditions: New “does not contain” operand for dynamic dataNew
  • Theme style &┬átemplate condition: Support for post type “Media” (attachment)New
  • Dynamic Data: Support for Meta Box field type “switch”New
  • Button element: New “HTML tag” settingNew
  • Dynamic data dropdown (builder): New settings to show label and/or key; expand panel; include key in searchNew
  • New filter: bricks/screen_conditions/scores (to extend template & theme style conditions)New
  • Improve bricks_is_builder_call: Caused conflicts with frontend AJAX calls (e.g. WP Grid Builder)Improve
  • Control number: Remove mouse up/down listenerImprove
  • Mobile-first: Largest breakpoint should cover entire builder canvas widthImprove
  • Improve loading (performance) of local SVG filesImprove
  • Element Conditions: Don’t localize ACF true/false valueImprove
  • Bricks Settings: Use input type “password” instead of “text” for the “Remote Templates Password” fieldImprove
  • WooCommerce Cart & Checkout pages always contained/boxedImprove
  • Updated: French translationImprove
  • Improved builder data sanitiser: Add missing ‘parent: 0″ to root elementsImprove
  • Builder data infinite loop prevention (logic addresses revisions & template inserts too)Improve
  • Updated: VueJS 3.2.31 to 3.2.40Improve
  • Image element: Icon not centered & “custom” HTML tagFix
  • Image gallery: Classes applied twiceFix
  • Background video positionFix
  • Background video set on non-desktop breakpoint was not renderedFix
  • Element Conditions: Add/delete was not using correct indexFix
  • Element Conditions: Value is not accepting dynamic data tagsFix
  • Rank Math: Missing images in the sitemap XMLFix
  • Rank Math: Error on page-sitemap.xmlFix
  • Dynamic data: For large postmeta tables, the page loading time was too highFix
  • Dynamic data: Add support for “@”Fix
  • Sticky header: Sub settings not visible in builder on breakpoints larger than “desktop” (default)Fix
  • Posts dropdown: Including post type “attachment” breaks query resultsFix
  • Button on canvas: “light” hover/┬áselected styleFix
  • Image Gallery & Posts element: Gap issueFix
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