This week’s release contains our most requested feature to date with more than 4600 upvotes.

Elements Conditions


If the element conditions are not met, the element is not rendered on the front end (it doesn’t hide the element via “display: none”).

As mentioned in the Academy article, the Element Conditions API allows you to add your own conditions to the builder interface. Extending the built-in conditions is going to be an ongoing effort as well.

Full changelog

  • Element Conditions (Conditional Display Logic)New
  • Link control: “Link to” using dynamic data should support composed linksNew
  • Counter element: Add dynamic data support to “Count from” & “Count to” settingsNew
  • Add “.has-overlay” class to element with gradient/overlay settingNew
  • Updated: German translationImprove
  • Updated: Norwegian translationImprove
  • Updated: Hebrew translationImprove
  • Updated: Persian translationImprove
  • Colon removed from custom attribute nameImprove
  • Shape Divider: Add “position: relative” to direct child elementsImprove
  • Meta Box: Support Nested Group (non-cloneable)Improve
  • Page Settings: “disable header/footer” doesn’t work when page is rendered via a templateFix
  • Image element with tag + link + CSS filter on hover: transition issueFix
  • Map element: Remove inner .div and apply all styles to map root (fixes height 100%, etc.)Fix
  • Dynamic Data: Error nested groups with Meta BoxFix
  • Builder: Avoid “Maximum call stack size exceeded”Fix
  • Nav menu: Sub menu active background color overridden by normal background colorFix
  • Bricks >¬†Settings >¬†Custom CSS: Backlash breaks with external files loading methodFix
  • Builder: Custom breakpoint naming collision with default breakpointFix
  • Custom CSS: “root{” is not workingFix
  • JetEngine Repeater: When pulling the repeater field inside of a posts query loop doesn’t workFix
  • Paid Memberships Pro: Bricks content always showsFix
  • Stronger capability checks for improved security when modifying contentFix
    All releases