New is the ability to copy and paste global elements across sites and dynamic data integration in the Cart for custom product lists. The Video element is now more streamlined with the removal of an unnecessary attribute.

Significant enhancements include extended converter functionalities for better overlay handling and a significant 18% reduction in the size of the bricks.min.js file.

The Pie Chart and Nav Menu have been upgraded for better color variable support and active menu style visibility in the builder, respectively.

Key bug fixes include resolving issues with the Nestable Slider’s CSS injection, Query loop icon errors, and alignment problems in the Main/Cross Axis button. Fixes in dynamic data handling improve the functionality of Meta Box and ACF Relationship features. Also, adjustments have been made to fix preview errors in the Query Loop and issues with margin/padding placeholder values.

This update ensures smoother operation and enhanced user experience with its focus on both new capabilities and refinement of existing features.

Full changelog

  • Copy & paste global elements cross-siteNew
  • Cart: Add dynamic data to enable a custom list of productsNew
  • Video element: Remove “data-bricks-video-options” attributeImprove
  • Extend converter: Add “position: relative” to direct children of element with overlay (which uses position: absolute)Improve
  • Stronger minification for bricks.min.js (now 18% smaller)Improve
  • Pie Chart: Add support for color variables (bar & track)Improve
  • Nav Menu: Show active menu styles in builderImprove
  • Nestable Slider: ‘Items to show’ value injects CSS on lower breakpointsFix
  • Query loop in builder: Icon JavaScript errorFix
  • Align Main/Cross Axis button (if selected) do not switch accordion to “Direction”Fix
  • Linked icon: Styles not appliedFix
  • Overlay: Explicitly set ‘position: absolute’ overridden by ‘relative’Fix
  • Query Loop Query Loop Query Loop Bricks 1.5.3 text not previewing correctly in builder text not previewing correctly in builder text not previewing correctly in builderFix
  • Meta Box: Group field query loop not working when data is set programmaticallyFix
  • ACF Relationship (bi-directional) not loading featured imageFix
  • Meta Box Views: Inside query loop doesn’t pick up the right post informationFix
  • Dynamic data “echo” tag: Using commas inside an argument not workingFix
  • Margin/Padding placeholder values show always base breakpoint valueFix
  • Accordion inside nested accordion not toggling correctlyFix
  • Builder element action & spacing: Wrong position after duplicating or deleting active elementFix
  • Testimonials: “Items to show” setting not appliedFix
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