If you are updating from 1.5, please make sure to read the 1.5.1 changelog entry first, as 1.5.1 contains multiple significant styling changes. Especially the position: relative change under “Breaking Change”. Thank you.

This software update brings several improvements and fixes. The Russian and Polish translations have been updated for enhanced accuracy. A significant improvement includes the skipping of theme styles for unregistered elements, streamlining performance.

Key fixes address issues in the Nav Menu, where styles weren’t applied correctly in certain settings, and in Custom CSS, where a space was missing in the “root” element.

Fixes for Theme Styles, Carousel, Pseudo Elements, Background Image, and Icon/SVG HTML attribute rendering enhance user interface consistency and functionality. Additional fixes resolve issues with the Select control, Posts element, Query Loop + Pagination, Dynamic Data, and the Icon element, ensuring smoother operation and better user experience. A critical fix addresses a fatal error when using ACF Relationship in a loop.

Full changelog

  • Updated: Russian TranslationImprove
  • Updated: Polish TranslationImprove
  • Skip loading theme styles for unregistered elementsImprove
  • Nav Menu: Styles not applied on frontend when “Show mobile menu toggle” set to always or neverFix
  • Custom CSS: “root” missing spaceFix
  • Theme Styles – Disable Image Captions Not WorkingFix
  • Carousel: Items to scroll parameter is missingFix
  • Pseudo Elements: Backslash removedFix
  • Background Image: Custom size removes background-repeatFix
  • Fix: Icon/SVG HTML attribute renderFix
  • Select control “clearable” property not applied (builder)Fix
  • Posts element: “.image-wrapper” HTML is always rendered (Layout: List)Fix
  • Query Loop + Pagination: Element Custom CSS not applied when page > 1Fix
  • Dynamic Data: Featured image as background image is missing on Blog page template (frontend)Fix
  • Fatal error when using ACF Relationship in a loop and pulling other ACF fieldsFix
  • Icon element: Inherit font-size for ‘i’ tag inside linked iconFix
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