This release contains 60+ changes. A lot of bug fixes, improvements, and some major new features.

Another 1000+ upvotes feature request just made it into Bricks: CSS-class-based styling

Starting at Bricks 1.3.5 you can now create & manage your own CSS classes right inside the builder, define your styles for any class visually (as you’d do when editing an element), and then assign it to any element, anywhere on your site.

Academy article & video about CSS classes in Bricks:

We’ve also completely overhauled the old & limiting “Hover Style” functionality. You can now create & manage your own element states (using pseudo-classes) and also styles specific parts of an element (like the first letter or line) using pseudo-elements.

Academy article & video about CSS classes in Bricks:

Bricks now integrates with the Toolset plugin. Meaning you can use Toolset as your dynamic data provider.

We’ve also added plenty of dynamic data improvements, a better form element, and much more. For a full list of all changes feel free to explore the list below:

Full changelog

  • Integration: Toolset (Dynamic Data)New
  • CSS Pseudo-Classes & Pseudo-ElementsNew
  • Global CSS Classes (class-based styling)New
  • “Hidden” Form FieldsNew
  • Post Content Element: Render Bricks dataNew
  • Form Element: Add “BCC” field to form action ‘Email’New
  • Accordion: Set HTML tag for accordion titleNew
  • More Container Flex Settings: flex-grow, flex-shrink, flex-basisNew
  • Template Inner Content (see “Render Bricks data” feature in 1.3.5)Improve
  • Remote Templates: Improve Whitelist URL CheckImprove
  • Theme Update Notice: Point release notes to changelog URL, not homepageImprove
  • Set default image size to “Large”Improve
  • Control Dimensions: Highlight active ‘Linked’ stateImprove
  • Add “Cancel” button to feedback popup on theme deactivationImprove
  • Product archive template preview set to product category: Template preview incorrectImprove
  • Structure Panel: Add visual hint (globe icon) to all global elementsImprove
  • License Key Field: Toggle license key (plain text & password) via eye iconImprove
  • Dynamic Data: Render Product Category Image in Single ProductImprove
  • Builder “Pages” Panel: Cut off page title & show page slug on hover as “title” attributeImprove
  • Copy & Paste Styles: Repeater, Breakpoint, and Pseudo-Class settingsImprove
  • Dynamic Data: Allow to “Exclude tags” via Bricks filterImprove
  • Dynamic Data: Allow to use all dynamic data tags in all contexts (text, image, link, etc.)Improve
  • Video Background: Scaling change not reflected on builder canvasFix
  • Mobile menu is open: Prevent HTML body scrollingFix
  • Container: Column-gap not applied in builderFix
  • Custom Fonts: Issues when selecting font file in the media modalFix
  • Products Filter: Padding causes price filter to overflowFix
  • Text Editor: Changes made under ‘Text’ tab not sent to canvasFix
  • Nav Menu: Apply active typography to top level when visiting submenu URLFix
  • Updated: CodeMirror to 5.63.3 (Code element)Fix
  • Accordion: Trigger title & icon hover togetherFix
  • Testimonials: Margins & padding not applied correctlyFix
  • Icon Box: Icon margin makes element edit pencil icon on canvas disappearFix
  • Copy Styles: Custom CSS “root” selector not copied properlyFix
  • Carousel & Testimonials: Items without background overlap when using fade effectFix
  • Container flexbox axis controls don’t adjust accordingly when changing direction (In Firefox)Fix
  • Posts Element: Box-shadow cut offFix
  • Slider: Empty “Content” renders as “undefined”Fix
  • Carousel Element: Lightbox issuesFix
  • Carousel Element: SVG arrow icon not showingFix
  • WooCommerce Price Filters: Not working in FirefoxFix
  • Theme Style Links: Typography hover precedes normal stateFix
  • Video Element: YouTube “Loop” not working correctlyFix
  • Posts Element: After resetting the “Query” settings group “Post Type” can no longer be selectedFix
  • Posts Element: Theme Style Links “Typography” settings not working correctlyFix
  • WooCommerce: “Add to cart” notice is rendered outside Bricks wrapperFix
  • Posts Element: Pagination not working correctly on “Blog” pageFix
  • Global Element Form Submit: Wrong field labels in default email contentFix
  • Testimonials: “Items to show” setting in builder for breakpoints without effectFix
  • Avoid Bricks ‘undo’ shortcut while typingFix
  • Link Control Dimensions: Apply value & unit to all directionsFix
  • Theme Styles (External Files): Mobile breakpoint settings missingFix
  • Element Custom CSS: ‘root’ replaced by element ID when switching between elementsFix
  • Form Element: Radio/Checkbox field doesn’t show placeholderFix
  • Dynamic Data: Meta Box PHP error (when file field is empty)Fix
  • Related Posts: When using ‘Categories’ as common taxonomy only posts retrieved (but no other CPTs are)Fix
  • Product Filters: ‘Show empty terms’ control not workingFix
  • Remove backslashes from Custom CSS when generating CSS (inline & external)Fix
  • Posts Element: Metro layout use “li” tag for item sizer (fixes Lighthouse warning)Fix
  • Global Elements: Frontend CSS not applied if element was a global element, but has since been deletedFix
  • “External Files” enabled: Error (500) on template importFix
  • Fix tab toggleFix
  • Theme Styles “Root Container Margin” precede margin setting of individual containerFix
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