This release introduces one of our most upvoted requests ever to Bricks: “Asset Loading Optimization”, which reduces asset loading by 61% by default. And up to 88% when the new “CSS Loading Method” Bricks setting is set to “External Files”.

Please make sure to go over the official Academy article as well:

Full changelog

  • Asset Loading Optimization (CSS & JS)New
  • Structure Panel Auto-Sync (Bricks Setting)New
  • Builder: Sticky Panel Tabs (Content & Style)New
  • Dynamic Data: Custom separator for post termsNew
  • Form Element: Submit button margin (+ position)New
  • WooCommerce: Provide “Add to cart” button styling for more elementsNew
  • Product Filter Search: New Settings for Background, Border, Box ShadowNew
  • Remove WaypointsJS dependencyNew
  • Audio Element: Add Source “Dynamic Data”New
  • New Swedish TranslationNew
  • Bricks Setting: Webfont Loading Method (to avoid FOUT)New
  • Improve: Slider background doesn’t change per breakpointImprove
  • Template Insert: Hide Woo ‘Insert Template’ button if WooCommerce is not activeImprove
  • WooCommerce Single Product: Remove spacing of empty notices wrapperImprove
  • WooCommerce Cart: Add ‘Remove from cart’ icon on mobile & “woocommerce_cart” styling improvementsImprove
  • Updated: German translationImprove
  • Updated: Google Fonts libraryImprove
  • Updated VueJS: 3.1.4 to 3.2.6Improve
  • Border Width & Radius: Allow CSS functions (clamp, etc.)Improve
  • Limit nested comments indentationFix
  • WooCommerce – Button: Apply styling on non-woo pagesFix
  • Fix Color Palette & Theme Style name containing apostropheFix
  • Builder: RTL Style fixesFix
  • Fix saving issue by removing slashes on saveFix
  • Fix Moving hamburger icon (iPad/iPhone/Safari)Fix
  • Carousel: Can’t show more than 10 imagesFix
  • Product Archive Template: Not applied to custom taxonomy archivesFix
  • Form Element: Date picker only initialised for first date fieldFix
  • Structure Panel: Disable remove all elements for users without full accessFix
  • Builder: Translated “is_shop” throws error (Polylang)Fix
  • Code Element: Parse error in builder due to slashesFix
  • Nav Menu mobile: Elements with z-index >= 1 overflow mobile menuFix
  • Changing Custom ID causes “root” to misbehave in Custom CSSFix
  • Limit Sticky Header Width To ‘Boxed Max. Width’ SettingFix
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