Bricks 1.3.3 is a maintenance-focused release, addressing numerous bug fixes and improvements rather than introducing new features. This approach follows a feature-packed previous update, signaling a commitment to refining and stabilizing the platform.

A key change in this version involves updates to SwiperJS arrow CSS classes. Users who have customized their CSS need to adjust the .swiper-button-prev and .swiper-button-next classes to .bricks-swiper-button-prev and .bricks-swiper-button-next, respectively. This modification resolves a styling conflict when using the JetPack plugin.

The update introduces several enhancements, including the ability to define image sizes in ACF Dynamic Data, a new setting for center-aligning images in the Carousel Element, and added theme support for wide and full-width alignment in Gutenberg. These features aim to expand the customization capabilities and integration of Bricks with other tools and platforms.

Improvements have been made to enhance the user experience and interface, such as displaying the “Edit with Bricks” option only on relevant post types in the admin bar and limiting error message visibility to users with full access to Bricks. Other notable improvements include enhanced accessibility in the Nav Menu and performance tweaks in the Container Element, particularly when switching between breakpoints.

Bug fixes in this release are extensive, addressing issues across various elements and functionalities. These include fixing double arrow displays in Post Navigation, inconsistent wrapper styles in the Template Element, and issues with CSS functions in the Builder. The update also corrects typography hover styles in the Nav Menu, sanitization in the Code Element, and issues with content stripping during data saving. Additionally, there are fixes for WooCommerce-related issues, video background playback on iPhones, image import in Template Insert, JavaScript errors in the Maps Element, and centering issues with the SVG Element.

The update also tackles specific problems like sticky headers overlapping the admin bar, pagination showing even when disabled, compatibility with Rank Math, and application of typography styles in the Accordion. A fix for a TypeError in Gutenberg posts rounds out the update, ensuring smoother operation across various use cases.

Overall, Bricks 1.3.3 focuses on enhancing the stability and reliability of the platform, addressing user feedback and technical issues to improve the web-building experience.

Full changelog

  • ACF Dynamic Data: Allow defining image sizeNew
  • Carousel Element: New setting to center align imagesNew
  • Add theme support for wide and full-width alignment (Gutenberg)New
  • Display “Edit with Bricks” in admin bar only on (custom) posts & pagesImprove
  • Show control error messages only to users with full Bricks accessImprove
  • Container Element: Stop rendering HTML via AJAX when switching between breakpointsImprove
  • Nav Menu: Add role=menuitem on menu items & role=menu on submenuImprove
  • Remove z-index from header wrapperImprove
  • Single Product Page: “Added to cart” notification not showingImprove
  • Post Navigation: Shows double arrowsFix
  • Template Element: Wrapper styles not always appliedFix
  • Builder: CSS functions not working for margin & position controlsFix
  • Nav Menu: Typography hover styles inconsistent between builder & frontendFix
  • Code Element: Fix SanitizationFix
  • Saving Bricks data strips slashes from content & settingsFix
  • Selected Product Variation: Image Gallery doesn’t switchFix
  • Video background: Not playing on iPhoneFix
  • Template Insert: Images are not always importedFix
  • Maps Element JavaScript error: Uncaught ReferenceError: $event is not definedFix
  • SVG Element: Cannot be centeredFix
  • Sticky header goes under admin barFix
  • Posts Element: Pagination shows even if disabledFix
  • Rank Math Fix: Prevent feeding content on non-Bricks post typesFix
  • Accordion: Subtitle typography styles not appliedFix
  • Gutenberg Post: “Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property ‘querySelector’ of null” (when Bricks is not enabled for this post type)Fix
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