This new version focuses on enhancing the overall builder experience and is packed with some pretty big new features and improvements. Let’s have a quick look at the highlights of Bricks 1.3.2:

Canvas Auto-Scaling

Editing with Bricks on a small screen used to present its challenges. Not any more. The builder canvas now automatically scales on any breakpoint according to the available width. You can enable/disable the auto-scaling as needed by clicking the “%” icon in the center of your builder toolbar.

You can also set a width that’s larger than your actual screen (on the base breakpoint) to see how your website looks on a larger device/screen. To preserve this setting hover over the “W” icon in the center of your builder toolbar. Your base breakpoint width is now locked (indicated by the “lock” icon). Click it to unlock the width.

Both, the auto-scaling state and base breakpoint width lock state, are save for the logged-in user. Perfect for sites on which multiple people with different devices are working on.

Copy & Paste Elements

Copy & pasting element styles has been in the Bricks feature set since the very beginning. It’s a neat little timer-saver. Which we’ve now extended to allow to copy/paste an entire element (or containers that contain other elements).

There are two ways to copy & paste elements inside the builder: Right-click on any element on the canvas to reveal the custom context menu and click “Copy”. Or select an element and press “CMD/CTRL + C”.

Here is how to paste an element: Navigate to the page or container where you’d like to insert your copied element. Now select the container or element you’d like to insert the element into (or after), and press “CMD/CRTL + V” or right-click on the element and click on “Paste”.

New Community Template Library (Container-based)

Up until now all “Community templates” where designed using the now obsolete section/row/column based layout structure, and then converted into the new container-based layout. Because of the completely flexible container nesting structure and new alignment options, this converting was never 1:1.

Which is why we are now finally able to announce the launch of our new (container-based) “Community Templates” library. We’ve overhauled the “Rank” & “Sizzle” template bundles, and got rid of all other templates. They started to look somewhat dated.

This launch is really just a starting point. We’ve got one new template bundle, named “Digital”, and a variety of individual sections and single page templates.

The community template library hasn’t received the attention it deserved. As we now got some actual designer help, we are confident to release new templates on a more regular basis. Next up are probably a few WooCommerce related templates, and single page templates.

IMPORTANT: Please make sure you are running at least Bricks 1.2 in order to insert any templates from the community library.

Also, if you don’t see the new templates under “Community Templates” after updating to Bricks 1.3.2, please click the “Refresh” icon in the builder template modal to fetch the latest templates.

Import Theme Style & Color Palette (when inserting a template)

Full page single templates or pages from an entire template bundle usually have a custom color palette and theme style assigned to them. Up until now those weren’t imported when you insert a template.

When inserting a template Bricks automatically extracts any color palette colors (even if the template uses colors from different palettes. It’ll also ask you to import the active theme style of this template(if the template has one assigned to it, of course). Which is always the case for our template bundles.

Sticky Header On Scroll & Slide Up setting

The sticky in Bricks overlaps the content area by default. A lot of users don’t like this behavior. And the only reliable solution to push the content vertically below the header was to set the “Content Margin” in your theme styles.

Which is why you can now enable the new “Sticky On Scroll” setting under “Header settings”. This will position your content after the header, and only overlap your content once you start scrolling down.

You can also specify the new “Slide Up After (px)” setting. Which was previously set to a predefined value of 100px. This lets you use the slide up setting in combination with the new “Sticky On Scroll”.

Those are the new features in Bricks 1.3.2 that will probably affect the most users. But there are even more new features, improvements and bug fixes, all listed below. Make sure to click on any of the new features listed below for a more detailed explanation.

Full changelog

  • Copy & Paste ElementsNew
  • Sticky ElementsNew
  • Canvas Auto-Scaling (see toolbar control)New
  • Better sticky header: ‘Sticky On Scroll’ & ‘Slide Up After’New
  • Template Insert: Import theme style & color paletteNew
  • Rank Math – SEO Analysis IntegrationNew
  • Mini Cart: New “Off-Canvas” settingNew
  • Mini Cart: New ‘Position’ & ‘Transform’ settingsNew
  • Product Filters: New filter type “Search”New
  • Products: New “Link entire product” settingNew
  • Element Posts: New “Offset” settingNew
  • Image Gallery: New “Lightbox Image Size” settingNew
  • New Bricks setting: Disable “Skip links”New
  • New Translation: MalaysianNew
  • Lock Canvas Width (Desktop)New
  • New Setting: Query “Terms (Exclude)”New
  • Slider element: New title tag settingNew
  • Product Archive: New dynamic data to show product archive thumbnail imageNew
  • Form Element: New Filter “bricks/form/recaptcha_score_threshold”New
  • New Community Template Library (Container-based)New
  • Compatibility: Relevanssi (Search Plugin)New
  • More visual typography controls for: text-align, text-transform, text-decorationImprove
  • WooCommerce: Exclude “is_shop” page from all archive template conditionsImprove
  • Products: Add CSS selector to individual productImprove
  • Update Vue: 3.0.11 > 3.1.4Improve
  • Update Vuex: 4.0.0 > 4.0.2Improve
  • Fix Gutenberg Block image align centerFix
  • Container “Overlay” doesn’t show when only set on mobile breakpointFix
  • Form Element: Not working inside single product pageFix
  • Template Shortcode: Breakpoint styles not workingFix
  • Fix: Load same font with different stylesFix
  • Fix: Styling of search form on default 404 error pageFix
  • Product Short Description: Containing HTML tags breaks Open Graph tagsFix
  • Search overlay input not styled properlyFix
  • Post title element for is_home()Fix
  • Image Element: Link to ‘Attachment Page’ not workingFix
  • Heading Element: Background color leaks outside borderFix
  • Theme Styles: “WooCommerce – Button” not applied to “Upsells/Related Products” and home pageFix
  • Fix builder repeater control on “hover” CSS (all breakpoints)Fix
  • Fix: Breakpoint issue when builder is zoomed inFix
  • Tabs Element: Tab content lists (ol, ul) unstyledFix
  • Carousel Element: Post type “Posts” Image disappears when “Adaptive Height” is enabledFix
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