Bricks 1.3.1 brings a series of enhancements and crucial fixes, focusing on improving the overall user experience and functionality. One of the key new features is the enhanced Post Navigation settings, allowing for more precise control over the direction and maximum width of posts, a significant boost for designers looking to fine-tune their site navigation.

In template management, the update introduces the ability to select specific taxonomies in template conditions, broadening the scope for customizing content display based on varied criteria. Additionally, a practical feature in the form of a new Bricks setting has been added, enabling users to activate a ‘Delete Bricks Data’ button. This feature adds an extra layer of control for users managing their site’s data footprint.

Improvements have also been made to the WooCommerce integration. A notable enhancement is the mini cart now closing when clicked outside, a small but impactful change that streamlines the shopping experience on WooCommerce-powered sites.

The update also addresses several critical bugs. These fixes include resolving a PHP error related to WooCommerce product stock, correcting issues with content focus and the default ordering of products, and fixing a non-functional ‘Edit template’ button in the Template Element.

Issues related to site scroll deactivation when closing the mobile menu have been corrected, enhancing mobile navigation. Additionally, compatibility issues with PHP 8, which previously prevented users from editing templates, have been resolved.

The update also addresses a duplication issue in the Button Element where ‘title’ and ‘aria-label’ attributes were being repeated and fixes scrolling issues on the builder’s mobile breakpoint.

Overall, Bricks 1.3.1 represents a balanced update, introducing new features while also addressing vital functional and compatibility issues, thereby ensuring a smoother, more efficient web-building experience for its users.

Full changelog

  • Post Navigation: New Settings for Direction & Max. Post WidthNew
  • Template Conditions: Select specific taxonomyNew
  • New Bricks Setting: Enable ‘Delete Bricks Data’ ButtonNew
  • WooCommerce: Close Mini Cart on click outsideImprove
  • {woo_product_stock} throws PHP errorFix
  • Skip content focusFix
  • Fix: Products default order date descendingFix
  • Template Element: Builder ‘Edit template’ button not workingFix
  • Fix: Close mobile menu by clicking outside deactivates site scrollFix
  • PHP 8: Can’t edit templatesFix
  • Button Element: Link ‘title’ & ‘aria-label’ duplicatedFix
  • Fix: Builder Mobile Breakpoint ScrollFix
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