Bricks 1.3 brings a lot of major new functionality to Bricks. It’s probably our most feature-rich release to date.

Official Release Video & new feature walkthrough:

If you are running Bricks 1.2.3 you should see an update notification in your WordPress dashboard. If you are on a version older than 1.2.3 you first have to manually download version 1.3 from your Bricks account.

Please note that updating from a version prior to 1.2 you have to run the migrator in order to convert your existing section, row, column pages to the new “Container” element structure.

Let’s have a look at the highlights of this release …

WooCommerce Builder (Phase #1)

This release marks the first step to our vision of providing you with a visual WooCommerce builder (right within Bricks). In Bricks 1.3 you can visually create your entire single product page & product listing pages (such as your shop page and shop archive pages like your product categories & tags).

The remaining Woo-related pages (cart, checkout, account, thank you, etc.) will be added in multiple future releases prior to Bricks 1.4.


Better accessibility has long been on our roadmap, and we can finally announce that Bricks 1.3 has received some major a11y upgrade. You can find a lot more details about accessibility in Bricks over at

Custom Attributes

You can now add your own custom attributes to any Bricks element. When editing an element go to “Style > Attributes” to set your custom attributes. The official Academy article with all the details can be found here

Template Shortcodes

We’ve introduces the “Templates” element in the last release. Having the ability to insert templates via the bricks_template=”ID” shortcode anywhere on your page, give you even greater freedom & possibilities.

Better builder preview

To allow for a more real-world preview inside the builder we’ve updated the device aspect ratios of all mobile breakpoints. Plus, you can now set not only the preview device width, but also height.

There are more new feature, improvements, and bug fixes. You can find the full changelog list below ..

Full changelog

  • WooCommerce BuilderNew
  • Accessibility (WCAG & WAI-ARIA compliant)New
  • Custom AttributesNew
  • Templates ShortcodesNew
  • Related Posts: Add Gap & Column settingNew
  • Builder: Context Menu – Save (container) as templateNew
  • Social Sharing Element: New ‘Open in new tab’ settingNew
  • Dynamic Data: New
  • Dynamic Data: Post author avatar tag via New
  • Builder: Better Mobile Device Ratios & Set device ‘Height’New
  • Builder: Show element hover & better element script interaction (slider, carousel, etc.)Improve
  • WordPress Dashboard: Show “Bricks” label only if Bricks data existsImprove
  • Improve SVG file & Google Font file load logicImprove
  • Adjust Gutenberg .alignfull and .alignwide stylesImprove
  • Template Element: Allow to select template type “Single”Improve
  • Builder: Set element label in panel headerImprove
  • Various Nav Menu ImprovementsImprove
  • Update swiperJS 5.3.6 > 6.7.1Improve
  • Team Members: Style improvementsImprove
  • Posts Element: Don’t render field wrapper if content is emptyImprove
  • Animated Typing: Mobile font size not respected if theme style ‘Typography’ is setFix
  • CSS conflict when defining Theme Style ‘Typography’ body color was conflicting with button link colorFix
  • Fix mobile menu when header is sticky and set to slide up on scrollFix
  • Heading: ‘Type’ control not taking precedence over Theme Styles > TypographyFix
  • Container with a (link): Lightbox Image not workingFix
  • Fix lazy load classFix
  • Background Reset Color clears all background settingsFix
  • Archive default template not linking to the postFix
  • Comments Element: Form titleFix
  • List Element: Link Fix & Better Title Alignment ControlFix
  • Fix default mobile editing mode widthsFix
  • Insert template created from non-root container & Insert template after active elementFix
  • Pricing Table: Features icon (SVG) changes size on line break on frontendFix
  • Ordered & unordered list stylesFix
  • Fix Color Hierachy: Element ‘Typography’ > Element ‘Style’ > Theme Style ‘Colors’Fix
  • Template Element: Form action not workingFix
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