Bricks 1.3.6 introduces several new features and improvements, along with numerous bug fixes to enhance the user experience and functionality. Key new features include the introduction of a Template & Theme Style Exclude Condition, an upgrade of the text editor to Rich Text, and the addition of quick edit links in the WP Admin Bar for easier access. The update also brings code completion capabilities in the builder through Emmet, support for responsive background videos, and content support for pseudo-elements.

Significant improvements are evident in the Edit Element Panel, where the “Reset style” icon is now more accessible, and in the Post Navigation and Image Caption features, which see enhanced functionality and user interaction.

On the bug-fix front, the update tackles issues across various components. It resolves problems in the Text Element, Accordion, and Code Control within the builder, enhances Dynamic Data rendering, and fixes issues with global classes, popup controls, and inline text editing. Additionally, it addresses specific issues in the Sticky Header, Structure Panel, and Post Navigation, contributing to a smoother and more reliable building experience in Bricks.

Make sure to watch the officially release video in which we explore all new features:

Full changelog

  • Template & Theme Style: Exclude ConditionNew
  • Better Text Editor (“Text” is now “Rich Text”)New
  • WP Admin Bar: Bricks Quick Edit LinksNew
  • Builder: Code Completion (via Emmet)New
  • Responsive Background VideosNew
  • Pseudo-Elements: Add “content” support to ::before & ::afterNew
  • New Element: “Basic Text”New
  • Edit Element Panel: Move “Reset style” icon into selector dropdownImprove
  • Post Navigation: Allow “div” & “p” Title TagsImprove
  • Render image caption HTML (links, etc.)Improve
  • Image Caption: Show zoom cursor only when link set to “Lightbox”Improve
  • Text Element: Background color leaks outside borderFix
  • Accordion: Icon Typography not updated (in builder)Fix
  • Code Control: Jumping cursor (builder panel)Fix
  • Post Content: “Render Bricks data” doesn’t load stylesFix
  • Builder Light Mode: Fix global classes/pseudo colorFix
  • Dynamic Data: Tags & Categories not renderedFix
  • Dynamic Data: Dropdown not showing tags on canvasFix
  • Global Classes: Last-set element class should be applied (not last-created class)Fix
  • Dynamic Data: author_name not renderedFix
  • Popup control inside repeater covers sticky panel tabsFix
  • Text Inline Editing: Changes not send to panelFix
  • Empty

    tags when using wysiwyg dynamic dataFix

  • Dynamic Data: post_date with filter containing a colon (:) not workingFix
  • Page Settings: Dynamic Data under “SEO” & “Social Sharing” not renderedFix
  • Accordion: “Icon rotate in” & “Icon typography” setting hidden when editing global classFix
  • Sticky Header: Theme Style “Boxed Max. Width” setting applied to “Layout” set to “Wide”Fix
  • Structure Panel: Element dragging frozenFix
  • Dynamic Data: author_avatar:link broken outputFix
  • Post Navigation: Image width wrong CSS propertyFix
  • Contenteditable & tinyMCE “undefined” instead of empty string renderedFix
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