Bricks 1.2 introduces the long-awaited “Container” element, which is replacing the “old” section, row, and column layout.

Users who already created their Bricks site prior to version 1.2 need to migrate their old Bricks section data to the new container layout. Bricks comes with a built-in container migrator, so you don’t need to re-create your site from scratch. Due to this complete layout change, you most likely need to perform a review of your migrated data.

For more information about the new “Container” element (incl. a video walkthrough) and a step-by-step migration guide, please visit

Full changelog

  • Code Element (PHP, HTML, JS, CSS)New
  • Separate Settings & Structure PanelNew
  • Container Element To Build Any LayoutNew
  • Compatibility: WP Compress PluginNew
  • Translation: Traditional ChineseNew
  • Translation: ArabicNew
  • Translation: PersianNew
  • Form Element: Custom email content allow use of {{referrer_url}}New
  • Dynamic Data April 20, 2024New
  • Dynamic Data Read more">Read more">
  • Bricks Settings: Builder logo link to WordPress DashboardNew
  • Bricks Settings: Disable Bricks “SEO” & OpenGraph tagsNew
  • Toolbar: Reload CanvasNew
  • Add new element via key “tab + enter”New
  • Set any CSS unitNew
  • Toggle PanelNew
  • Improved in-builder Query LoaderNew
  • Compatibility: WP Rocket Caching PluginNew
  • Smaller DOM structure (Remove ‘data-element-id’ attribute, background wrapper div, button wrapper)Improve
  • Animated Typing: Allow line breaks on prefix & suffixImprove
  • Click on any contenteditable (text) to edit element in the panelImprove
  • Reduced element actions (move icon via pencil, clone/delete via right-click or structure panel)Improve
  • Map Element: Latitude & Longitude setting (for unlimited number of addresses)Improve
  • Faster builder load time (builder assets are now 900kb smaller)Improve
  • Pods: Dynamic tags not showing when using Posts Element on a templateFix
  • Link – Lightbox image with dynamic data not workingFix
  • One-Page Navigation: Double up by Shape DividerFix
  • Render shortcodes on Text, Accordion, Icon Box, Slider, and TabsFix
  • Carousel Element: Lightbox opens the wrong imageFix
  • Posts Element: List layout gap between image and textFix
  • Form Element: Date picker field not sending timeFix
  • One Page Navigation: Close mobile menu when clicking on link and scroll to sectionFix
  • Custom fonts don’t display correctlyFix
  • Search popup not closingFix
  • Posts Element: Post navigation (pagination) was not workingFix
  • Compatibility: LiteSpeed CachingFix
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