Bricks 1.1.3 offers a prompt update primarily focusing on hotfixes following the recent release of version 1.1.2. Key enhancements include the introduction of a new dynamic tag, post_title:link for improved content management. The update addresses several crucial fixes:

  1. Rendering issues with Post & CPT Single Templates on the front end have been resolved.
  2. The Element Posts now correctly render each repeater field in separate rows, fixing a previous layout issue.
  3. A fix for the Element Posts ensures that enabling the ‘Link Image’ option no longer disrupts the anchor HTML tag output.
  4. The Element Form’s ‘Textarea’ field now properly displays the placeholder text, addressing a previous visibility issue.
  5. Template Preview has been improved to better handle section, row, and column background-image URLs.

Full changelog

  • Render: Post & CPT Single Template on FrontendFix
  • Element Posts: Render each repeater field on its own rowFix
  • Element Posts: Link Image enabled broke anchor HTML tag outputFix
  • Element Form: Field type “Textarea” placeholder did not showFix
  • Template Preview: Section/row/column background-image URLFix
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