Bricks 1.2.1 significantly enhances the builder experience with key updates. Notable is the lazy loading for background images, improving page load efficiency. Linkable containers and external link support in the Audio Element broaden design options. A user-centric update includes the ability to change the builder language, catering to a global audience.

Container elements now have new content alignment options, offering better layout control. Custom image size generation within Bricks settings is a notable addition for detailed visual customization. The icon control’s SVG file selection capability and improved structure panel functionalities like ‘Remove All’ confirmation enhance user experience.

Backend improvements with updated Vue, Vuex, and SortableJS ensure up-to-date technology usage. Migrator tool enhancements, refined value, and unit handling in the builder, and streamlined container labels with tooltips all contribute to a smoother building process.

Overall, Bricks 1.2.1 focuses on improving functionality, user experience, and performance, making it a valuable update for designers and developers alike.

Full changelog

  • Lazy Loading Background ImagesNew
  • Linkable ContainerNew
  • Audio Element: External LinkNew
  • Change Builder LanguageNew
  • Container: Add “Justify Content: Space evenly” & “Align Items: Baseline” optionsNew
  • Bricks Settings: Generate Custom Image SizesNew
  • Bricks Toolbar Icon: Open in existing tab (see Bricks setting: “Open in new tab”)New
  • Icon Control: Allow to select SVG filesImprove
  • Structure Panel: Confirm “Remove All”Improve
  • Remove Archives context prefix (e.g. “Category”)Improve
  • Preview Toggle: Keep panel stateImprove
  • Updated Vue, Vuex, SortableJSImprove
  • Improve MigratorImprove
  • Builder: Don’t clear value when changing unitImprove
  • Builder: Enter Control Value & Unit in Number FieldImprove
  • Container: Rename control label & add CSS property tooltipsImprove
  • Define a template as Blog pageImprove
  • Enable ACF Image Field in Text contextImprove
  • Control Units: Allow decimals; Add unit via dropdown; Enter value + unitImprove
  • Improve Sorting in Structure PanelImprove
  • RTL: Improve Code Element CSSImprove
  • Faster in-builder panel control renderImprove
  • Builder: Container background image not showing on Header/Footer TemplateFix
  • WordPress Element: Recent Posts – Links malformedFix
  • Image Element: Dynamic Data from ACF Options page not workingFix
  • Fix Custom Background Position (When Only One Axis Value Set)Fix
  • Bricks Theme Deactivation Feedback (z-index)Fix
  • Elements Panel not preserving resized width after toggling Preview ModeFix
  • Google Fonts: Italic style not displayed correctlyFix
  • Posts Element: List view direction on mobile breakpoints (new setting: Direction)Fix
  • Repeater styles not working on mobile breakpointsFix
  • Remove Pods, Meta Box & CMB2 Post Type Display LimitationsFix
  • Minor PHP noticesFix
  • Element Posts: Layout “Columns” not visible on mobile breakpointsFix
  • Fix Global Elements (For New Container Structure)Fix
  • Expand panel editor (TinyMCE) on focus and restore panel width on blurFix
  • Form Element: Email default message should contain fields without labelFix
  • CSS Transform “rotate” & “skew” not appliedFix
  • Container stretch not applied when theme style “Content max. width’ is setFix
    All releases