Bricks 1.1 introduces several new features and improvements to enhance user experience. Key additions include an upgrade of the Form Element from ReCaptcha v2 to v3, which is a significant change. Users can now fully customize email content in Form Elements and allow file attachments. The Nav Menu has been enhanced with a new background setting for the Top Level Menu. Additionally, the update brings the ability to use negative margins via arrow keys.

Improvements focus on usability enhancements like hiding the sticky header in the builder when editing non-header templates or post types, displaying information for creating and saving the first color in an empty color palette, and refining the ‘Confirm delete’ setting. The ‘Delete’ keyboard shortcut has been removed for a smoother experience.

Critical bug fixes address issues such as fuzzy translations, color display problems on the front end, issues with the Archive Title in Builder, problems with the ACF Options Page, template querying, and the Header Template Preview not working with post data.

Full changelog

  • Form Element: Upgrade from ReCaptcha v2 to v3 (BREAKING CHANGE)New
  • Form Element: Fully Customizable Email ContentNew
  • Form Element: Allow file attachmentsNew
  • Nav Menu: Add background setting to ‘Top Level Menu’New
  • Negative Margin (via arrow keys)Improve
  • Hide sticky header in builder when editing non-header template or post typesImprove
  • Empty color palette: Show info on how to create/save your first colorImprove
  • Setting ‘Confirm delete’Improve
  • Remove “Delete” keyboard shortcutFix
  • Fix: Fuzzy TranslationsFix
  • Fix: Color Not Updated/Shown On The FrontendFix
  • Fix: Archive Title (with/out context enable) in BuilderFix
  • Fix: ACF Options PageFix
  • Templates were queried by date, not by most specific conditionFix
  • Header Template Preview not working with post dataFix
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