To stay true to our promise to focus on fixing user-reported bugs first, this update squashes a lot of those bugs. But also improvements and some new additions (see the changelog details below).

Breaking Change

After updating to Bricks 1.1.1 please make sure to re-save your permalinks under “Settings > Permalinks”. If you’ve experienced issues with plugins not being able to communicate via the WP REST API, those should be working now.

What’s Next

We are going to introduce the new container element in Bricks 1.2. It will replace the current section, row, and column layout approach, so you can finally create any layout you can possibly imagine. This will also greatly reduce the overall DOM structure (no more divception). Make sure to join our growing Bricks Community over at Facebook to stay up-to-date with the latest and coming changes:

We will then tackle asset optimization, so only the required CSS & JS will be loaded in a separate file (instead of the current solution of loading styles inline and loading all CSS & JS on every page load).

Full changelog

  • New Romanian Translation (Cristian Uibar)New
  • Toggle Header in builderNew
  • Dynamic Data: & New
  • Remove in-builder contact form (link to Email instead)New
  • Add “Edit with Bricks” Button to Gutenberg EditorNew
  • Element Nav Menu: Active background & border controlsNew
  • Element Slider: New Overlay SettingNew
  • Allow Reset of Default Theme StylesImprove
  • Always show CSS controls in mobile editing modesImprove
  • Show custom color palette by defaultImprove
  • Show mobile menu above background overlayImprove
  • Remove loading wrapper on frontendImprove
  • Form element: Add info on how to use field IDImprove
  • Updated French translation (Thomas Arciszewski)Improve
  • Updated Spanish Translation (Andy Ponce)Improve
  • Template insert error (hasOwnProperty of null)Fix
  • Dynamic Data: Meta box + post type registered with hyphen not renderedFix
  • Background Image BugFix
  • Form Redirect (PHP autoloader error)Fix
  • Custom Fonts implodeFix
  • License page: Reload after license deactivationFix
  • Image Upload via DnD on Media ModalFix
  • Add Theme Support for MenusFix
  • Show “Delete Bricks data” confirm dialogue on frontendFix
  • Global Settings such as ‘Post Types’ not working on MultisiteFix
  • Theme Style “Rank” controls bugFix
  • Set margin to “auto” in builder when leaving margin value emptyFix
  • Toolbar logo link setting not showing correctlyFix
  • Fix Disappearing PanelFix
    All releases