This minor release brings a lot of control fixes and improved controls to Bricks. There are two breaking changes. Please follow the instructions below to ensure that your site is working properly under this version.

Breaking Change 1: New Dynamic Data Controls

As you can see in the feature list of this version below, you can now use dynamic data on various elements.

If you are using any of those elements, such as the Posts elements, Related Posts, or Carousel, you have to manually set the fields you want to show inside elements by clicking the little “bolt” icon inside the repeater controls.

Breaking Change 2: Element Nav Menu “Align Vertical” Is Now A Select Control (To Allow For Individual Breakpoint Settings)

If you are using the “Align Vertical” setting for any of your Nav Menu elements, please manually set this setting again, as it is now a select control and no longer a simple checkout (allowing you to set it for individual breakpoints).

Full changelog

  • New filter: ‘bricks/builder/elements’ (to remove default elements from Bricks)New
  • Element Image: Add “alt” tag settingNew
  • Add Dynamic Data to Section background video, Link lightbox video, Video Vimeo/YouTube IDNew
  • New Dynamic Data: User Profile FieldsNew
  • Add Dynamic Data to Repeater Controls (Please manually set fields for the Carousel, Posts, Related Posts, and Meta Data element again!)New
  • New Bulgarian Translation (Sylvia Angelova)New
  • Form Element: Support for multiple recipients (comma-separated)New
  • New Croatian Translation (Marin Rajcic)New
  • Dark Theme ReadabilityImprove
  • Show background control under “Layout” without popupImprove
  • Rename template type “Content” to “Single”Improve
  • Use language defined in user profile in builderImprove
  • Conflict between Elementor Pro and BricksFix
  • Multisite: Bricks settings not saved properly on sub-siteFix
  • Nav Menu: Allow For Multiple Mobile Menu TogglesFix
  • Nav Mobile Menu: Not scrolling downFix
  • Element Nav Menu: Change “Align Vertical” to select control to allow for individual breakpoint settings (Please manually set this control again!)Fix
  • CSS controls not properly applied for different breakpoints (e.g. background & overlay)Fix
  • Carousel Query: Shows only posts of selected “Terms”Fix
  • Element Tabs: Content appears in multiple columnsFix
  • Can’t add first section on empty canvas with populated contentFix
  • Element Form: Field type “select”, “radio”, “checkbox”Fix
  • Edit with Bricks when set as FrontpageFix
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