Bricks 1.0 introduces a robust set of features for enhanced website building and management. Key new capabilities include Builder Access with a Role Manager, convenient Keyboard Shortcuts, and the ability to use Custom Fonts.

It also supports Dynamic Data and is compatible with Gutenberg, offering Full RTL Support for Right-To-Left languages.

The update adds 9 New Translations and Custom Color Palettes, along with the ability to import & export Theme Styles.

Users can now name files before downloading from Unsplash and Pin Elements for easier design control, along with CSS Transformations and Panel Search Controls. A useful notification alerts users when another editor is working on the same page.

Drag-and-Drop functionality for adjusting Spacing (margin & padding) is also new. Improvements include enhanced mobile breakpoint editing, hover settings in Theme Styles, a counter for Unsplash downloads, safer SVG Uploads with Auto-Sanitisation, optimized rendering, and an update from VueJS 2 to VueJS 3.

Full changelog

  • Builder Access / Role ManagerNew
  • Keyboard ShortcutsNew
  • Custom FontsNew
  • Dynamic DataNew
  • Gutenberg CompatibilityNew
  • Full RTL (Right-To-Left Language) SupportNew
  • 9 New TranslationsNew
  • Custom Color PalettesNew
  • Theme Styles: Import & ExportNew
  • Unsplash: Name Files Before DownloadNew
  • Pin ElementsNew
  • CSS transformationsNew
  • Panel Search ControlsNew
  • Show builder notification if another user is currently editing the same pageNew
  • Adjust Spacing (margin & padding) via DnDNew
  • Show inherited settings when editing mobile breakpointsImprove
  • Theme Styles: Allow hover & mobile breakpoint settingsImprove
  • Unsplash: Show current “Downloads” counterImprove
  • SVG Uploads & Auto-SanitisationImprove
  • Render with Bricks/WordPressImprove
  • Update from VueJS 2 to VueJS 3Improve
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