With over 15.400 upvotes, the new Query sort, filter, and live search functionality is our most requested set of features. We are happy to announce that it is now available as an experimental feature in Bricks 1.9.6:

Documentation: https://academy.bricksbuilder.io/article/query-filters/

Other highlights of this release include:

  • Query loop: The “No results” setting now supports choosing a section template to render if the query returns no results. Previously, you could only add a basic No-results text string.
  • SVG element: Support Dynamic data (field type: image, file) & inline code (requires “Code execution” capability)
  • Order element classes: Order global classes on an element via drag & drop

Plus 30 more improvements and bug fixes that you can explore below …

Full changelog

  • Query Sort & FilterNew
  • Live Search (AJAX)New
  • SVG element: Dynamic Data SupportNew
  • Query loop: No results template (type: section)New
  • Builder: Order element classes via drag & dropNew
  • Social Sharing: “Excerpt” setting for WhatsApp share buttonNew
  • Builder: Save via keyboard shortcut inside TinyMCE editorImprove
  • Div element: Show flex child controls (if inside flex parent)Improve
  • Form element: Don’t apply field border to submit buttonImprove
  • Form element: Rename “Field margin” to “Spacing”Improve
  • Form: Custom field name with non-single word required validation issueImprove
  • Form: Add label “for” attribute to radio and checkbox inputImprove
  • Reset password action: use reset_passwordImprove
  • Form: Generate nonce using AJAXImprove
  • Theme Styles: Always show font-variation-settings (Typography)Improve
  • WooCommerce: Support woo_order_ DD tags (in view order templates)Improve
  • Builder: CSS Grid overlay not updated when changing styles on class levelFix
  • Builder: CSS Grid overlay not updated on window resizeFix
  • Builder: Custom ID and Custom CSS selector affected when switching between elements with custom IDFix
  • Page settings: Custom code replaced by the template’s page settingsFix
  • Disable query merge: Not working in builder with populate content (term archive)Fix
  • Form login action: PHP Notice about undefined index loginRememberFix
  • Global Class Manager: Accessible with “Edit content” capabilitiesFix
  • Interactions: Animation opacity stays at 0 when conditions are unmetFix
  • Related Posts element: Default overlay CSS missing unitFix
  • Rich Text: Font size applied to links inside textFix
  • Social Sharing: SVG icon + padding shrinks iconFix
  • Theme Styles: CSS placeholder value inherited from the wrong breakpointFix
  • Dynamic data: author_meta:ID not workingFix
  • Dynamic data: inside nested post query (no result in builder)Fix
  • Vue.js 3.4 causes HTTP 500 & 508 errors (on builder load)Fix
  • WooCommerce: Notices not compatible in (Woo 8.5.1+)Fix
  • WooCommerce templates: Page settings CSS missingFix
  • WooCommerce: Checkout Order Table element not showing order lines (in builder)Fix
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