Besides various improvements & fixes for the new menu builder, this release also comes with some very exciting new features.

Automatically regenerate CSS files after every theme update

When using the “external files” CSS loading method, you had to regenerate those files after every update manually. Not anymore. Bricks now automatically regenerates all CSS files automatically in the background after every one-click theme update or manual theme ZIP file upload for you.

Under Bricks > Settings > Performance > CSS loading method you’ll also see when and under which Bricks version your CSS files were last generated:

Bricks CLI

Bricks now also extends the WP-CLI. Allowing you to perform certain Bricks tasks via the command line.

This first command allows you to perform the CSS file generation through the command line:

wp bricks regenerate_assets


How to create your own dynamic data tag

The following article guides you through the necessary steps (plus a full code example) on how to add your own dynamic data tags to Bricks:

WooCommerce Notices: New element & theme styles

WooCommerce users can now freely place their Woo notices throughout their store using the new “Notices” element. And style it either individually or globally via the new WooCommerce Notices theme styles.


New element: Breadcrumbs

Add the new “Breadcrumbs” element to your site so your visitors have a better understanding of their location on your website all the way back to the home page.

Full changelog

  • Breadcrumbs (new element)New
  • WooCommerce Notices: Element & Theme StylesNew
  • Image element: New “Lightbox image size” settingNew
  • Include template settings in generated template fileNew
  • Bricks CLI: “wp bricks regenerate_assets” (regenerate CSS files)New
  • Class input value doesn’t clear after selecting a class from the dropdownImprove
  • Nav Menu: Add aria-label to submenu buttonImprove
  • Dropdown: Apply active items styles to mega menu contentImprove
  • Custom CSS: Code completion styling improvements (height & z-index)Improve
  • Focusable elements inside Offcanvas shouldn’t receive focus when Offcanvas is closedImprove
  • Nav Nested: not set when toggling mobile menuImprove
  • Updated: Dutch translationImprove
  • Compatibility: WooCommerce 7.8 (outdated templates, mini cart JS enqueue)Improve
  • Class renamed: Custom CSS selector not updated correctlyFix
  • Mega menu: Class level styles not loaded on the frontendFix
  • Interactions: Scroll “Run only once” not working alongside other interactionsFix
  • Popup close animation glitch if another animation interaction is set on the same elementFix
  • Builder: Unsplash images not visibleFix
  • Nav nested: Dropdown content not right-aligned (when using RTL)Fix
  • RTL: Builder highlight & element actions positioningFix
  • RTL: Builder tooltips positionFix
  • Nav Menu: Dropdown Icon color/transform on hoverFix
  • Nav Menu: Empty menu shows multiple empty dropdown links/arrowsFix
  • Nav menu: Mobile menu text-align settingFix
  • Nav Menu: Mobile menu hamburger vertical alignmentFix
  • Nav Nestable: Dropdown doesn’t open on hover if it’s not an “li” HTML tagFix
  • Nav Nestable: Dropdown stays open on click (set to hover)Fix
  • Certain ACF setting fields not workingFix
  • Shortcode: “Don’t render in builder” not working (after builder reload)Fix
  • List with links: Title margin issue with lines breaksFix
  • Click on submenu toggle inside offcanvas closes offcanvasFix
  • Helpers::get_file_contents() not working in all environments (SVG, Google fonts not loading)Fix
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