We just released a mandatory security update with Bricks 

A leading security expert in the WordPress space just brought this vulnerability to our attention, and we instantly got to work, providing you now with a verified patch.

As of the time of this release, there’s no evidence that this vulnerability has been exploited. However, the potential for exploitation increases the longer the update to is delayed.

We advise you to update all your Bricks sites immediately.

Key Instructions

Update Now: Update all your Bricks sites to the latest Bricks as soon as possible. But at least within the next 24 hours. The earlier, the better.

Backup Caution: If you use website backups, remember they may include an older, vulnerable version of Bricks. Restoring from these backups can reintroduce the vulnerability. Please update your backups with the secure version.

Updating is straightforward and can be done with one click right from your WordPress dashboard. It should not affect your site’s functionality.

If you have any questions or experience any functionality loss after the update, please email our customer support at [email protected].

How to update Bricks

1. One-Click Update from WordPress Dashboard

Navigate to Appearance > Themes in your WordPress dashboard.

Locate Bricks, and if the update notification for is visible, click to update.

If you don’t see the update notification:

Go to Dashboard > Updates and click on the “Check Again” link. Once the update appears, proceed to update Bricks.

2. Manual Update

If the one-click update does not work or you prefer a manual update, visit your Bricks account at https://my.bricksbuilder.io/ and download the latest version of the Bricks theme (

Back in your WordPress dashboard, go to Appearance > Themes, click “Add New” and then “Upload Theme”.

Select the ZIP file you just downloaded and install it. Overriding your existing version of Bricks if asked.

Better to be safe than sorry

While addressing security concerns is an integral and regular part of maintaining any WordPress-based theme or plugin, approaches to communication about these updates can vary.

We believe in being extra cautious — it’s better to be safe than sorry. Keeping our community informed and engaged ensures you’re always up to date and your site remains secure.

We encourage you to share this update with fellow Bricks users to help maintain a secure community for everyone.

Time to update,
Thomas & team

Full v1.9.6.1 changelog

With over 15.400 upvotes, the new Query sort, filter, and live search functionality is our most requested set of features.

We are happy to announce that it is now available as an experimental feature in Bricks 1.9.6.

Other highlights of this release include:

  • Query loop: The “No results” setting now supports choosing a section template to render if the query returns no results. Previously, you could only add a basic No-results text string.
  • SVG element: Support Dynamic data (field type: image, file) & inline code (requires “Code execution” capability)
  • Order element classes: Order global classes on an element via drag & drop

Plus 30 more improvements and bug fixes that you can explore in the full changelog entry …

Full v1.9.6 changelog

Bricks 1.9.5 introduces significant updates for website development. The highlight is the new global class manager, making it easier to handle class-based styling with options for renaming or duplicating classes in bulk. This feature is accessible via the builder toolbar or a keyboard shortcut (CMD/CTRL + .), and can be disabled in the settings if not needed.

Additionally, a new interaction allows running JavaScript functions after triggering an interaction, with detailed documentation available online. The Nav Menu element now supports advanced menu properties, and the Template Manager has improved memory for template sources and settings.

Focus on accessibility is evident with enhanced label association in the Comments element and better accessibility for radio and checkbox fields in the Form element. Performance optimizations include faster Builder operations and reduced search lag in the Elements panel.

Critical bug fixes address issues in Coming Soon mode, Infinite scroll, WooCommerce elements, and more. The update also includes stability improvements with the latest Vue.js version and other package updates.

Full v1.9.5 changelog

The Bricks 1.9.4 update brings new features and improvements to enhance user experience. Notable additions include Maintenance Mode, enabling site maintenance with ease, and the ability to use unlimited Remote Template URLs for more design flexibility. The AJAX-based Popup render offers more dynamic popup displays, now with settings for specific breakpoints and direct template tag creation in the builder.

There are also enhanced gradient options for conic and radial gradients and a new filter for customizing image size options. An ‘unset’ option for scroll snap allows for breakpoint-specific deactivation. Language codes for WMPL & Polylang are now automatically displayed, and the Custom Login Page includes ‘redirect_to’ URL parameter support.

Functionality improvements include hiding the ‘Load More’ button in the Query loop when no results are found and better WPML and Template element translations.

Full v1.9.4 changelog