The latest update of the software includes several key improvements and fixes. Notably, Breakpoint CSS now uses a separate block for each rule, enhancing readability and organization.

The Offcanvas feature has been improved to close automatically when an anchor link is clicked, streamlining user interaction. An issue with missing CSS in mobile breakpoint theme styles has been addressed, ensuring consistent visual presentation.

Additionally, the update fixes a problem where custom fields using the ‘cf_xxx’ pattern in WordPress were not correctly processed on the front end.

Duplicate CSS logic causing issues with infinite scroll styles has been removed for better performance. Lastly, the navigation menu has been fixed to a static position within the mobile menu for improved usability.

Full changelog

  • Breakpoint CSS: One CSS block for each CSS rule instead of one block containing all rules for a selectorImprove
  • Offcanvas: Close on anchor link clickImprove
  • Theme Styles: Missing CSS with mobile breakpoint theme styles set (inline style loading method)Fix
  • Custom Fields: cf_xxx pattern (WP custom fields) not caught in check on frontendFix
  • Remove duplicate CSS logic cause Infinite scroll style issueFix
  • Nav menu: Position static inside mobile menuFix
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