Bricks focuses on a series of improvements and fixes aimed at enhancing usability and resolving specific issues:

  1. Custom Fonts and Styles: The update improves the way custom fonts are handled, using the font name for the ‘font-family’ instead of a generic ‘custom_font_{id}’ format. It also includes improvements in lightbox HTML markup and theme styles, such as removing unnecessary padding in form elements and the ‘Background Video’ setting.
  2. User Interface Tweaks: The color palette functionality has been updated to indicate that the ‘copy color to clipboard’ feature works only under HTTPS. Additionally, conflicts with the Bootstrap ‘.container’ CSS class and the Structure panel have been addressed.
  3. Bug Fixes: Several critical fixes include resolving issues with template import in the WP admin area, which previously deleted global classes, fixing empty element IDs set to #false, and addressing JavaScript errors in the Nav Menu element. Other fixes include resolving conflicts with SVG ‘id’ attributes, query loop issues, filtering problems with ACF date/time fields, repeated classes in carousel queries, missing elements in Product Ratings, and incorrect naming in ‘Theme Styles’. A notable fix also addresses a z-index issue with background video and color/image, as well as improvements in file upload border styling in form elements.

These updates collectively aim to streamline the workflow, reduce conflicts, and improve the overall user experience in Bricks.

Full changelog

  • Use Custom Font name for font-family instead of custom_font_{id}Improve
  • Bricks lightbox HTML markup is always loadedImprove
  • Form element: Remove padding for hidden fields & success messageImprove
  • Theme Styles: Remove ‘Background Video’ SettingImprove
  • Color palette: Add message that “copy color to clipboard” only works under HTTPSImprove
  • Bootstrap .container CSS class name conflicts with Structure panelImprove
  • Template Import in WP admin area deletes global classesFix
  • Builder: Empty element ID set to #falseFix
  • Nav Menu element: Uncaught Type Error (JS)Fix
  • SVG: Existing “id” attribute conflicts with default Bricks element IDFix
  • Query Loop: Using “no_found_rows” breaks the queryFix
  • ACF date/time fields: Not possible to filterFix
  • Carousel Query: .content-wrapper class repeatedFix
  • Product Rating: Missing closing “div” when rating is emptyFix
  • Theme Styles: “Icon List” still named “Social Icons”Fix
  • Background Video + Color/Image Issue (z-index)Fix
  • Form element: File Upload border stylingFix
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