The visual site builder that grows with you.

Meet Bricks. An innovative, community-driven, visual site builder for WordPress. Empowering you to design unique, performant, and scalable websites. Code-free.

After three days with Bricks I was blown away by its speed, all the possibilities with good compatibility, and its excellent smooth workflow.

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Patty Stucki
Superb Features

Bricks has it all: Customization, Maintainability, Accessibility, Flexibility

Discover unparalleled customization, maintainability, accessibility and flexibility with features designed to elevate your WordPress site's performance and user experience.

Unrivaled visual full site editing

Easily create stunning pages with drag & drop, visual spacing, and nestable elements. Craft your website from header to footer and everything in between.

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Design without any limitations

Create flexbox & CSS grid layouts in seconds. Setup your own CSS class system, global color palettes, global styles, typography, templates, and so much more.

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A collage of Bricks menu elements such as dropdowns, mega menus, mobile and offcanvas menus, vertical and horizontal navigation menus.

Menu builder

Build accessible, bespoke menus to improve navigation. Enhance user experience with dynamic Mega Menus, mobile-optimized options, and seamless WordPress integration.


Responsive design

Create pixel-perfect sites for every device with Bricks' unlimited custom breakpoints. The only builder with desktop & mobile-first approach. View & make changes on any breakpoint directly in the builder.

A collage of WooCommerce product cards of different sizes.

WooCommerce builder

Craft your entire WooCommerce stores visually. Design all shop, single product, archive, cart, checkout, and account pages with Bricks. Enhance user experience and boost sales with seamless design integration.

The Query Loop settings panel next to styled query examples such as latest posts, user, media, categories, and a cart items query.

Query loop builder

The Query Loop Builder lets you visually query your database. You can write your own PHP query, too. Enhance user experience with load more buttons, infinite scroll, AJAX pagination & loading animations.

A collage of Bricks menu elements such as dropdowns, mega menus, mobile and offcanvas menus, vertical and horizontal navigation menus.
A collage of WooCommerce product cards of different sizes.
The Query Loop settings panel next to styled query examples such as latest posts, user, media, categories, and a cart items query.
A screenshpot of the condition-relations interface that connects two conditions with "and" or "or".

Show content under specific conditions

Create unique website experiences with conditional logic. Designed to help you show/hide content based on a wide range of fully customizable conditions.

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A WooCommerce product card in front of interaction examples such as click, content loaded, mouse enter/leave, scroll.

Create immersive, interactive websites

Define triggers & actions for your very own interactions! Such as click & hover triggers to show/hide elements, plus fine-tuned interaction conditions.

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Bricks code element panel with custom PHP in it.
Custom Code

Unlock unlimited potential with custom code

Add your own custom HTML, CSS, JS, and PHP into your site header, footer, or any other page for tailored website experiences.

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Community Templates

Use and tweak our ready-made templates to get started in no time

Jumpstart projects with pre-made templates from official and third-party sources. Adjust them to your needs and embark on a swift creative journey.

A two column website section with an image on the left and text on the right.
Infinity – Who We Are
Infinity services section template with a text intro and three service cards
Infinity – Services
Infinity section template with an image on the left and text plus tabs element on the right.
Infinity – Info
Two-column Infinity service template with service cards on the left and text on the right
Infinity – Our Ranges
Screenshot of the Reality real estate homepage template
Reality – Home
Screenshot of the Reality real estate buy page template
Reality – Buy
Screenshot of the Digital agency projects page template
Digital – Projects
Screenshot of the Liv lifestyle blog archive template
Liv – Home
Why Bricks

Our development process is driven by you – the user.

We encourage you to submit your ideas. Ensuring that Bricks continues to grow and evolve in alignment with your needs and requitements. Join our community today and become a part of our ongoing innovation.

Idea Board

Your ideas & votes drive our development

Submit your feature request through our public idea board for others to upvote & comment on. The most popular ideas stand a great chance of making it onto our public roadmap.

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Public Roadmap

See what's planned, next, and in progress

Always be in the known and build with confidence by following our public roadmap, which is updated in real-time as the development progresses.

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Engaged Community

Helpful community of WordPress professionals

Engage with like-minded builders. Seek guidance. Share your expertise. Together, we'll troubleshoot, squash pesky bugs, and brainstorm enhancements to help you build truly unique web design experiences.

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What I love the most about Bricks is the query loop builder. It's rich in features and has the capability of querying taxonomies, and paired with Bricks dynamic data tags, it pushes the limits of what you can do with dynamic data.

Udoro 'Cracka' Essien Developer & YouTuber -  Design with Cracka
Udoro 'Cracka' EssienDeveloper & YouTuber, Design with Cracka

Bricks has solved all the problems I've had with any other WP builders I've tried. Excellent performance (both front and back end), really easy to use, a UI that hugely inspires me to design, a solid theme styling system, the ability to create any extended global styles I can think of, and native features that other tools require 3rd party plugins for.

Bricks Builder has revolutionized the way I create websites. Its performance, flexibility, and ease of use have elevated the quality of my work. The clean code output and excellent support make it a game-changer for web professionals. Highly recommended!

Bricks creates extremely clean code and fast-loading sites. Due to its great feature set, Bricks is offering 100% flexibility on the dev side of things. For us as an agency, Bricks is a no-brainer and the most important tool in our web-dev toolkit!

I chose Bricks Builder to power my web design agency because the builder is fast, intuitive, and incredibly flexible. I can build anything I need for my clients with Bricks. Dynamic data, custom interactions, query loops, it’s got it all! I absolutely love working with Bricks Builder!

To be able to use all these functions without needing additional tools to make it work inside Bricks Builder is worth its weight in gold.

Bricks fills the gap between dumbed-down, heavy, visual builders vs writing clean code from scratch. With Bricks I feel I have all the power of controlling my own clean CSS code, while having UI windows to organize it all visually.

Sean Sullivan headshot
Sean Sullivan

After years of working with Elementor and Visual Composer, I decided to switch to Bricks. Performance and simplicity were key aspects to improve on my websites, and Bricks has definitely given me what I was after. Thanks to Bricks, my SEO efforts don´t get obscured by tons of lines of code that don´t do anything to my website but slow it down. 

I'm seriously (happy!) emotional right now because you are the first full-blown page builder creator who cares and understands so much about accessibility and implements it right.