About Us

Who Did This?

Thomas Ehrig

Thomas here. Nice to meet you. I am the founder, designer, and lead developer of Bricks. I don't want to bore you with too many details, but some people asked for it, so here we go:

I am a certified WordPress developer (Codeable), Envato Elite author, best-selling author on Creative Market, WordPress user since 2008, and full-time WordPress designer & developer since 2013. I am also the guy behind HappyFiles, the best-rated WordPress media folder plugin.

Bricks - Luis Godinho

Luis Godinho

Senior WordPress developer since 2012 from sunny Portugal with an extensive background in WordPress theme and plugin development.

Luis joined Bricks in October 2020 and is now working on Bricks full-time to make your life easier :)

"Bricks is the site builder I wish I’d have had when I was building websites for clients."

Why another site builder?

Although WordPress users can already choose from a multitude of site builders, I still feel what I felt three years ago when I started Bricks: there is a lot of room for improvement. Especially when it comes to performance, customizability, and design. And that is exactly where Bricks shines.

Bricks is my definition of what a site builder in 2021 and beyond should look and feel like: A site building tool that empowers you and is fun to work with on a daily basis.

I also believe that providing excellent customer support is as important as the product itself. If we already had the pleasure to talk with one another you know what I mean :) The reviews of my other venture, HappyFiles, reflect what we are trying to do and accomplish here when it comes to user happiness.

Built for you, with you.

While everyone else seems to develop their builder in secret, and mostly adds features that the company themselve decides on, Bricks follows a different philosophy.

We've got a public roadmap where you can see the current development of Bricks in real-time. Upvote your favorite new features, to help us to prioritize them and join the discussion of new features in the comments section of each proposed feature.

We also believe there is no one else better than YOU in telling us what new features you want us to add, and where the workflow needs improvement. That's why our development process is so user-driven.

I encourage you to submit your own ideas. So others can upvote and comment on them. Features with the most upvotes are developed next.

Long story, short.

Bricks aims to provide the most sophisticated and enjoyable site building tool for any serious WordPress website owner.

It's for the ones that value speed (in terms of the time it takes to build your site, but also it's loading time). So your visitors can enjoy a blazing fast, fully responsive, and beautiful webite, that is uniquely yours.

Paired with our open product development philosophy, the ease of mind that when things go wrong, you know that someone is there to lend you a helping hand, and that you've got a site builder that is worth your time and money.